10 Apr 2019

Quarterly Wrap-Up (2): 2019 Reading Goals Progress

Welcome to the first quarterly update for 2019!

I wasn't originally going to do these types of posts, especially since I am doing Stacking the Shelves posts. However, I want to update on my reading goals, favourite reads, etc. etc. There are categories below and you can see them there.

I did a Quarterly Wrap-Up for Science Fiction and Fantasy Fridays so let me know which format of these you prefer since I'm trying out a couple different ways of doing that.

Read the original 2019 Reading Goals post!

Reading Goal Progress

  • 2019 Overall Goal: 54/150 Books
  • Page Count: 14,768/108,000
  • NetGalley eARCs: 3/55 Books
  • Adult Novels: 16/75 Books
  • Diverse Novels: 20/75 Books
  • Poetry Collections: 13/50 Books
  • "Outside" My Comfort Zone: 7/30 Books

My Progress Thoughts:

I feel as though I could be doing better on my reading goals. I want to be 1:1 in terms of Diverse Novels that I read this year and I have been sorely lacking on that. Part of the reason is that I am also trying to read off of my shelves, and not as many of the books I used to purchase were diverse in nature. However, that isn't an excuse and I am mad at myself for not following through more on this.

I'm also disappointed that I am (epically) failing at the NetGalley reads. I have actually gained more books on NetGalley than I've read so far this year. There is a #25in5 Readathon coming up at the end of April, so I plan on ONLY reading NetGalley books during it. We shall see if I succeed!

Hey 25infivers! We are so excited because it's our Birthday month! One year ago, we hosted the very first #25infive and it has been an amazing year of reading! We are so proud of the community the readathon has built over the past 12 monthes and all the reading you’ve accomplished! We also want to thank you for sticking with us as we learn and grow as creators. ❤️ // But enough with all the mushy stuff - it’s time to celebrate! Our next #25infive will begin at 12:00 a.m. April 25th to the 29th. And remember you read in your own time zone. // Never participated before? Here’s how it works: Commit to reading as much as you can over the course of five days. The goal is to obtain 25 hours of reading, but remember this isn’t a competition. We are here to build a community where we can share our love of reading and cheer each other on. // Make sure to tag a few friends in the comments below who may want to join, and feel free to regram this post! Don’t forget to use our #25infive and tag us in your posts @25infive so we can keep up with what you are reading! . . . . #readathon #readmorebooks #readreadread #readinglife
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Top 5 Reads

This was SUCH a cute contemporary novel. I loved the way it made me feel, the characters, and the rewind aspect.
A sacrificial lamb with a passion for justice, Gilene was a great heroine for this story.
I feel like a combination of everyone because Schwab does such a good job of connecting you to each character.
I love that this is basically Scandal for YA and the twists and turns were perfect.
Mills makes every character unique while having the same feel to them: vulnerable, unsure of how to move forward, and always willing to try and do as much as possible for their friends. 

Top 5 Instagram Posts

Upcoming Reviews and Features

How have your reading goals been so far this year?


  1. Thanks for sharing about #25in5 as I hadn't heard of it before. I usually do abysmally with NetGalley ARCs unfortunately. I need to work on increasing my ratio soon.

  2. A Conjuring of Light was my favorite of the Shades of Magic trilogy. I'm glad you loved it too. Don't be too hard on yourself with the goals. We still got 8,5 months to work on them so I am sure you'll get where you want in the end. :)


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