5 Jul 2016

#ARCAugust TBR!

The girls of Read.Sleep.Repeat are hosting the fourth annual ARC August! The rules are simple. Any ARC, old or new, physical or ebook, tour or publisher provided. As long as it is an ARC it counts towards this challenge. You can be as optimistic about your goal (20 ARCs in August? SURE!) or laid back (eh..3) as you want! This challenge is solely for YOUR benefit. It’s your chance to clear your shelves and get those Netgalley ratios up!
Whoops I got behind on my ARC reading again (surprise, surprise) and some of these books don't come out until September so I am READY for #ARCAugust! I have 19 books I want to read during August for this challenge and I will be trying to read some other novels in between as well. I'll be updated weekly with my progress and what I have left to read! If I get more ARCs between now and August (and even during August), I will be adding those to hte list too! But these are priority!

Here is my list:

Are you participating in ARC August? Reading any of these books?


  1. I'm looking forward to Metaltown. I met her recently at a local Teen Bookfest. She was very nice.

  2. So many books! You're a fast reader so I think you easily got this challenge. Let me know what you think of THE GRACES and METALTOWN, I want to read those as well!

  3. I have 19 books on my ARC TBR as well!!

  4. I am a little late on this. I didn't see it was happening until today. I am going to get my post up now and sign up. I desperately need this readathon. I participated in the last one and it was so helpful.


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