2 Jan 2023

Monthly Recap: December 2022

December 2022 Monthly Recap

I had a much more successful month than November, and finished off the year strong! 

Since this is the end of the year as well, I thought I would also give you a bit of details about my reading habits of 2022.

In 2022, I read 181 books, which is more than what I initially set out to read (50) and more than what I had as an increased goal (150). The majority of these were audiobooks, and I read a total of 94,120 minutes or 1,569 hours or 65 days! That's 18% of the year spent reading.

I am pretty lucky that I am able to read while I work at my day job, so I'm able to get through a lot of books. I also read at 2.5-3 times the speed on audiobooks so it was probably only one month of reading, not two.

Of the books I read, 91% were audiobooks and 72% of those were from before 2022. I read 65% Adult novels and 32% YA novels, with some sprinkling of NA and MG in there. I didn't read as many authors or narrators that were Trans or Non-binary, so that's definitely a goal for next year.

My top 5 genres for the year were:
  1. Fantasy (37%)
  2. Contemporary (24%)
  3. Romance (21%)
  4. Science Fiction (18%)
  5. LGBT (11%)
The longest book I read was X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Omnibus and the shortest book I read was Warm Up. In terms of page numbers and hours, 60% of the books I read were between 300-500 pages and 53% of the books I read were between 8-15 hours.

My average rating for the year was 2.7 stars out of 5 stars, which is way lower than typical for me! I usually sit around 3.6 stars, but I didn't read a lot of 5 star reads this year.

Tell me about your month and end of year!

Reading Statistics for December

Total Books Read: 34
Pages Read: 9.704
Minutes Read: 18,498
Average Rating: 3.1 stars
Number of Books Purchased: 41
Number of Books Received for Review: 14
Number of Books Pre-ordered for Next Month: 2
Number of Books Reviewed Overall: 41

Top Five Reads

Events I Attended

No events this month! No events until 2023.

Favourite Post

2023 Debuts I'm Excited For!

Next Month's TBR


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