1 Dec 2022

Monthly Recap: November 2022

November 2022 Monthly Recap

I didn't have as successful of a month as October, but I'm still pretty happy with it! Considering I got COVID, which resulted in an ear infection and I couldn't read audiobooks, I still read a ton this month!

If you remember from last month, I ended up upping my Goodreads challenge from 10 to 50 to 100 to 150, where it currently is. I am at 147, so I will definitely achieve 150 this year, but I have no plans to increase it again.

I think I can probably get to 200, but I don't want to push myself if I don't. Especially with the holidays coming up!

Tell me about your month!

Reading Statistics

Total Books Read: 21
Pages Read: 6,526
Minutes Read: 12,113
Average Rating: 3.3 stars
Number of Books Purchased: 15
Number of Books Received for Review: 8
Number of Books Pre-ordered for Next Month: 0
Number of Books Reviewed: 10

Top Five Reads

Events I Attended

No events this month! Probably no events until 2023.

Favourite Post

We Can(ada) Read: Word on the Street Readathon + Donation Link!

Next Month's TBR


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