8 Jul 2019

Quarterly Wrap Up (3): 2019 Reading Goals [April-June]

Welcome to the second quarterly update for 2019!

I wasn't originally going to do these types of posts, especially since I am doing Stacking the Shelves posts. However, I want to update on my reading goals, favourite reads, etc. etc. There are categories below and you can see them there.

I did a Quarterly Wrap-Up for Science Fiction and Fantasy Fridays so let me know which format of these you prefer since I'm trying out a couple different ways of doing that.

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Reading Goal Progress

  • 2019 Overall Goal: 77/150 Books
  • Page Count: 21,363/108,000
  • NetGalley eARCs: 3/55 Books
  • Adult Novels: 31/75 Books
  • Diverse Novels: 26/75 Books
  • Poetry Collections: 17/50 Books
  • "Outside" My Comfort Zone: 15/30 Books

My Progress Thoughts:

Well I have definitely been dropping the ball, folks. I am very behind on my 1:1 in terms of Diverse Novels. Part of the reason is that I am also trying to read off of my shelves, and not as many of the books I used to purchase were diverse in nature. However, that isn't an excuse and I am mad at myself for not following through more on this. I plan on my next 10 books to be diverse in nature.

I'm also disappointed that I am (epically) failing at the NetGalley reads. I have actually gained more books on NetGalley than I've read so far this year. I am trying my best but I have been able to mostly read audiobooks and physical books which means my screen time for reading has been lacking.

Part of the reason, though, is that I have been having some personal gains and losses that have kept me from reading and blogging. I don't think I read a single book in May which makes it difficult to keep on top of challenges. In fact, I am barely ahead in my Goodreads challenge when at one point I was 16 books ahead! I definitely need to spend more time focusing on reading and less time on some other things but it is difficult sometimes.

Top 5 Reads

I really enjoyed this one! It kept me guessing until the very end and that is an excellent problem to have in a mystery novel.
It was a really great story that was about female empowerment, understanding how to take care of yourself, and knowing what it means to be broken.
I will say though this is a super slow burn romance and every time I wanted them to get it on, they did not get it on. So be prepared for that!
But it was a nice peek into the author's way of writing and get a taste of what else you can expect to read. I look forward to reading more from the authors!
A lot of really relatable poems and feelings in this one and I really connected to all of them. 

Top 5 Instagram Posts

Upcoming Reviews and Features

How have your reading goals been so far this year?

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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself! We all need breaks from reading sometime, and at least you're getting some in with audiobooks/physical books even if you're not doing NetGalley. I need to work on that myself. I'm doing pretty well overall, but this month has been hard for me to get like any reading done.


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