10 Jul 2019

ARC #Review: FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT by Jenn P. Nguyen


Author: Jenn P. Nguyen
Series: N/A
Source: ARC via Publisher
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Publication Date: May 28, 2019
Overall Rating:
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Mia and Jake have known each other their whole lives. They’ve endured summer vacations, Sunday brunches, even dentist visits together. Their mothers, who are best friends, are convinced that Mia and Jake would be the perfect couple, even though they can’t stand to be in the same room together.

After Mia’s mom turns away yet another cute boy, Mia and Jake decide they’ve have had enough. Together, they hatch a plan to get their moms off their backs. Permanently. All they have to do is pretend to date and then stage the worst breakup of all time—and then they’ll be free.

The only problem is, maybe Jake and Mia don’t hate each other as much as they once thought...

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book and chose to review it. This in no way impacts my opinion.

Fake relationship tropes are my favourite and this did not disappoint on that front. However, I thought the ending was a little too abrupt and easy to smooth over considering all the drama. I would have liked a bit more spent on the fallout and coming together at the end, especially between families. But Jake and Mia were super cute and I loved reading about them!

I am glad that Jake and Mia decided to do the whole fake relationship thing. I thought their motivations behind it were logical and made sense - far too often these types of tropes are forced. I did think some of the aspects were a little convenient but they did work for me.

I thought that all the characters could have been a little bit more developed - I would have liked more time for the characters to think about themselves in their own perspectives as I found each of them to focus on the other. I would have liked just more and I felt like it wasn't enough.

But I definitely still recommend it and I really enjoyed reading the book! I did it all in one sitting but I think a large part of that was the Fake Relationship Trope aspect. I would have just liked to see a bit more of the two getting back into the swing of things and learning about each other all over again during their "fake" relationship. Because while that was there, it felt superficial.


  1. I totally love fake dating and fake relationships too, eeep, and I really loved Queens of Geek so I definitely want to read more Jen Wilde at some point😍 I'm glad overall it was a good read for you!!

  2. I haven't read anything by this author, but I'm excited to try her out. I'm glad you enjoyed this one overall. Thanks for the honest review!


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