11 May 2023

We Can(ada) Read: Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD Festival) 2023 Recap!

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About the Event

The Festival of Literary Diversity is Canada’s first festival for diverse authors and storytellers, held in historic downtown Brampton. The FOLD provides one-of-a-kind events for kids and adults that engage readers, inspire writers, and empower educators by highlighting important and underrepresented voices.

This year's FOLD festival took place from April 30, 2023 to May 7, 2023.

2023 FOLD Festival Event Recap

This year's festival had a huge lineup, both virtually and in person! Beyond the panels, there was a chance to hang out with publishing people and authors during the roundtable and after party options and trivia for the first few days!

I ended up with a cold on Sunday but attended everything I could virtually. I really enjoyed the "Sh*t No One Tells You About Publishing" and "Queer Joy" panels! I also won two rounds of trivia and really enjoyed learning more about some authors and genres that have a heavy Canadian presence that I didn't necessarily know about.

It was such a nice time chatting with people online and being part of the Canadian book scene again. I found it really interesting to take part in the roundtable discussions and have a virtual hangout space to write (reviews) and just be around people to keep myself accountable. I wish that existed in more spaces! (Maybe I'll start live streaming on my YouTube channel to do that!)

If you've never been to FOLD before, I highly recommend attending next year! Especially a virtual pass and getting to see the events live and after the fact. And who knows, maybe you'll best me in trivia!

About The FOLD Foundation

The FOLD Foundation was founded in 2014 by author Jael Richardson. In May 2016, the organization launched the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) – the first literary festival devoted to celebrating underrepresented authors and storytellers.

The festival takes place in Brampton, Ontario, providing an important space for writers to discuss their craft and the challenges involved in creating stories that ask difficult questions, expose hard truths and push literary boundaries.

The FOLD continues to provide new and innovative opportunities to engage readers, inspire writers, and empower educators.

Since the flagship festival launched in May 2016, the FOLD Foundation has grown to include a reading challenge, a kids festival, an author visit series, and monthly online webinars.

The FOLD Foundation became a charitable organization in 2019.

What's the last book event you went to?

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