6 Sept 2019

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fridays: Fantasy Starter Packs

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fridays

introduces readers who are unfamiliar with the Adult SF/F genre to books, authors, and discussions all about the vast expanse of the world of Adult SF/F!

Contemporary Fantasy

Epic Fantasy

Fairy Tales

Urban Fantasy

Overall Fantasy

Have you read any of these books? Which will you be picking up first?


  1. I'm supposed to be reading The Night Circus for a book club this month! I should probably get started soon!

  2. I just added The Girl in Red to my TBR! I've also had The Bear and the Nightingale on My TBR for agessss and I really should get to it soon 🙈 Great post! I absolutely LOVE your blog graphics!

  3. I usually write Fantasy, occasionally with a small input of Sci-Fi. However, it rarely has much to do with the stories. I have recently started writing a futuristic Science Fiction book


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