28 Dec 2018

#Discussion: 5 Things to Include in Weekly Bullet Journal Layouts for Bloggers #Project14Lists

Project 14 Lists, otherwise known as #Project14Lists, is a 2-week blogging activity hosted by That Bookshelf Bitch that will run from December 18th to December 31st. Book bloggers are tasked to come up with creative bookish/blogging list ideas, and on each day, write a list and post it on their respective blogs.

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I'm back with another bullet journal recommendation post for you (even though I don't have a bullet journal and use a regular planner)! Today is about staying organized in your week-to-week timeline with layouts that will help you stay on top of blogging and any other tasks you have. Check them out below.

1. Habit Tracker

You should be tracking blog posts, emails, social media posts, everything you do on a weekly basis (I even have in reading 50 pages a day!). Here is a fun layout for you to emulate...

2. Priority List

Sitting down and understanding what you need to get done on a weekly basis will help you reduce stress when the day comes. By setting up a priority list in your weekly spread, it will allow you to figure out what is important, when it has to be done, and what you can do on a daily basis to finish it off. Add a "Next Action" to each priority at the end of the week to be even more productive.

3. Income/Expenses Tracker

As a blogger, you have requests for sponsorships coming in all the time! It is easy to forget how much you spent or made at any given time. While you should have a yearly income/expenses tracker, by having it in your weekly spread will allow you to make sure you got paid correctly and on time for the work you have done.

4. Event List

Are there twitter chats that you have to participate in? Maybe an in-store appearance or sale that you have to attend. By putting what events are upcoming (and I even include the outfit I am going to wear!), you can plan around those events to coordinate your time.

5. Current Feature/Project List

By understanding the current features you are doing on your blog or the projects you are starting to undertake, you can organize your time more efficiently.


  1. Omg thank you I am starting a bullet Journal early February I have been looking for tips I will use this.

  2. This post is so helpful! <3 I'm looking to start journalling in the new year and this is gonna be my inspiration :D

  3. This is amazing! I am looking into getting back to journalling in the new year and I'm stealing some of these ideas for sure!

  4. Thank you! I'm attempting to get back into bullet journalling so I've loved both this and the TBR list ideas post. I'm intrigued by the inclusion of habit trackers on weekly pages - do you prefer to have them there as opposed to in the month view? I've seen both so I'm still on the fence about which to try!

    1. I actually do both! I find that if I don't see it on the page that I am currently working on/in, I don't actually keep up with my habits....... but I also like to see where in the month I fell behind so I have them in my monthly spread too! It's about what works best for you :)


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