7 Mar 2018

Subscription Box #Review: DIVERSITYBEAR

I love surprises and subscription boxes so I decided to buy a few different ones and then review them for you guys because why not! So you will get to see a few different subscription box reviews over the next few weeks because they all arrived!

Just so everyone knows, I live in Canada, so the prices and such that I am going to talk about are in Canadian Dollars and shipping times are international from the Netherlands to Canada as well.

Disclaimer: I was chosen to be an Instagram representative for DiversityBear and was sent this box for review. I am required to post pictures on Instagram of the contents, but I chose to review it on my blog as well. Receiving the box for free did not impact my opinion of the contents. However, as a perk, you can order a box for yourself using my discount code LADDERS05 to receive a percentage off your order.
The DiversityBear website!

Every Month! Right now, it is offered as a single month purchase. The February theme was "Power of Words" and the March theme is "Meet Your Destiny"!

Each Crate is: €20 plus delivery.

Delivery in the EU is €5, non-EU delivery is €20.

That equates to about $62 Canadian.

The owner, Marjo, informed me that the box was shipping on February 8th, and I received the notice card to pick it up from the Post Office on February 20th. That means it took roughly about a week to get to me, since Canada doesn't have mail delivery on weekends.

The ordering process is fairly simple. I walked myself through it now so I could tell you guys about it. I will say that the "English" version of the site didn't work for me so I used the Google Translate version of the Dutch website which wasn't perfect. But the general idea of it works well and I was easily able to put in all my information and would have been able to hit the purchase button and get a box!

Included in this box was a copy of LOVE, HATE, & OTHER FILTERS by Samira Ahmed! I am so excited because I had to cancel my pre-order for financial reasons so I am so so happy to have gotten a copy! I have heard wonderful things about it so I am going to try to get to it as soon as possible . 

In addition, the "Power of Words" box had a:

  • "Punch a Nazi" candle made by Romemadecandles
  • "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas bookmark by Kingdomofstores
  • "Girl Power" tea by abookishflickering (which tastes amazing!)
  • A Bookish rose made by michelle_reads, and
  • "When Dimple Met Rishi" by Sandhya Menon quote print
All of these items are incredibly made and I love the smell of the candle! The tea tastes great and I have gotten a lot of questions about where I got it from. I am so happy with everything that is inside this box.

I think if I lived in the EU, I would definitely subscribe to this box. It has a lot of really interesting things and promotes diversity with every box. It's a good way to put money behind creators that are diverse in nature and get interesting things from it. However, the cost of shipping is too much for me. I can't afford to pay $62 a month for anything to be quite honest. Maybe if I had a second job or got a promotion at work I could afford it but until then it is just a tad out of my price range. So you balance the good (the contents) with the not so good (the shipping cost). I do absolutely love the box and the contents, I just cannot justify spending that much money on shipping.

Do you purchase subscription boxes? Are you going to check this one out?
Don't forget, you can use code LADDERS05 for a discount when purchasing!

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