5 Mar 2018

#Discussion: New Adult Book Recommendations!

A Twitter firestorm was had over YA books set in college versus NA books versus everything else in the world, pretty much. Each side had it's valid points but in all honesty, it is an overdone and tired conversation. One mostly perpetuated by people who only see the surface of what NA is and think that it is nothing more than a stereotype.

So today's post is for you if you want to start reading more older YA/NA which I'm titling "Books With Protagonists Who Are 18-25 That Have Minimal Romance" I am going to do the best I can to be inclusive, diverse, and hit as many genres as possible, but I am one woman and cannot do it all.

Note: Some of these books may be labelled "YA," some may be labelled "NA," and some may be labelled "Adult." But I am including them if the protagonists is between 18-25.


Science Fiction


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  1. This is a fantastic book for people who are looking for books with NA-aged characters but aren't looking for the stereotypical NA book. Thanks for sharing!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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