2 Mar 2018

Subscription Box #Review: INKBOX

While not technically a subscription box, but a website to purchase things on, I still want to review the process of this for you! You can create your own tattoos and there are Harry Potter and other book ones, so I think it is relevant to your interests. Plus as someone who has three permanent tattoos, I have a good understanding of what goes into tattoos and how they should look and feel.

I purchased two tattoos and thought I would test them out before I got more. In reality I would like to design something similar to what I want to permanently get done so I can try it in specific places.

As I live in Canada, all of this will be based on Canadian dollars and shipping time. This is all my honest opinion and review of the products and procedure for putting the tattoos onto my body.

On their website: www.inkbox.com

As often as you purchase it! If you buy more, you get more!

Between $16 and $30 depending on the intricacy of the design. The most expensive is the $30 ink bottle that is available for freehand tattooing. These are in USD so do the calculations to figure out what they will be in your currency. I believe with shipping, my total for two designs was $52 Canadian.

I believe it took about 7 business days for my package to arrive. It was relatively quick considering it was an international shipping time. 

It was super easy to order these! I think the hardest part for me was choosing which tattoos I wanted. I actually made my friends vote and choose for me.

There are a lot of things in the package that they send you from Inkbox. It includes instructions, a glove, all the materials needed to put the tattoo on your skin, and the tattoo itself. It is really cool packaging and I loved opening it up.

Yes and no. If you are not good at making decisions and want to try something out before committing to it permanently, then yes this is for sure for you. But for me it didn't really seem worth it. I would rather have spent an extra $50 and have a permanent tattoo. As I said, I'd like to design one of my own tattoos and then test it out before I got it permanently done. Otherwise I'm not really sure this is the product for me.

Are you going to test this out? Click on this link for my referral code that will give you $10 off your purchase and get me reward points for future purchases!


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