8 Dec 2017

#Discussion: #ASeriesAMonth2018 Hosted by Dani Reviews Things Reading Challenge TBR!

Hello all! I want to be more accountable for my reading in 2018 so I am hosting my own reading challenge and joining in on some others. This includes the #ASeriesAMonth2018 challenge hosted by Dani Reviews Things

I am excited to clear off some series on my shelves so here are the ones I am committing to, but I am hoping to actually read more than I am committing to. We shall see, we shall see...

I'm not stating what month I'm reading them in because it will depend on my TIME and work schedule. That is always why I'm including duologies, longer series, and the like.

Series I Will Be Reading...

Will you be participating in this challenge?


  1. Good Luck!

    I am going back and forth on doing this one or not. Committing to a series a month is something I might regret next year haha. And I still have so many series to finish that I already started. ._.


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