10 Dec 2017

#BlogTour: FIRE'S KISS by Brittany Pate // #Excerpt

Hello and welcome to my blog tour post for

FIRE'S KISS by Brittany Pate!

I have an excerpt from the novel for you today and it is a stellar one! I hope you enjoy it, but first we are going to learn more about the book.


Author: Brittany Pate
Series: N/A
Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing
Publication Date: November 21, 2017

Embyr tends her tavern while keeping her dangerous parentage a secret, until she's attacked by a hellhound and saved by one of the most feared men in history.

For the last eight hundred years, Ryder McLennon, the infamous leader of Death's Horsemen, has used his army to hunt the vampire who killed his wife. He's earned a reputation as a murderous madman. But in Embyr, he discovers something that could turn the tide of battle in his favor. Her control over fire can reduce an enemy to ash and her flippant disregard of him heats his blood in ways no one else ever has. She's beautiful, powerful and completely different from her violence-loving brethren.

Embyr finds herself thrust into a war she wants no part of, targeted by a vicious vampire because of her cooperation with Ryder. As she learns to wield her demonic powers without letting the madness of her race overcome her, she also has to fight her attraction to a killer bent on her seduction.
A sword appeared over her shoulder, so close she felt the whoosh of air against her neck. The vampire impaled himself on the blade. Mouth open, he looked at her as though waiting for her to explain what happened. Finally, his eyes closed and his head lolled to one side.
Both the sword and vampire fell to the ground as Ryder stepped around her. He walked over to the other vampire and drew his second blade, driving it into the man’s heart. The quick death seemed almost merciful.

Ryder placed a boot on the vampire’s chest and shoved him off the blade. He walked over to her and took her chin in his hand, angling her head so he could see the puncture wounds in her neck.
“Are you hurt?”
Embyr shook her head. “Those men came out of nowhere. They wanted to kill me.”
“Get back to my chamber. I cannot be sure these two were the last of them. Your life could still be –”
“Kat,” Embyr gasped, interrupting him. “They came for Kat.”
Embyr darted around him and leapt over a body, racing down the hall. Ryder shouted obscenities behind her, but she paid him no mind. The torches in the hall flared in response to her panic, only to dim a moment later as she passed.
She reached Katrina’s hallway, eyes fixed on her friend’s open door. Embyr had to grab the doorframe to slow her momentum as she ran inside.
“Kat!” Her gaze flitted everywhere, passed the broken table and shattered basin, over the rumpled bed, skimmed by a wall smeared with blood, but she couldn’t find Katrina.
Too late.
Embyr sank to her knees, staring blankly at the bloodstained floor. She should cry, should rage, but all she felt was numb disbelief. The fire licked out of the hearth as if trying to reach her, console her.
A large hand settled on her shoulder. “Embyr.”
“She’s dead,” Embyr murmured flatly. “They killed her because of me.”
Ryder took her hands and pulled her to a stand. He cupped her face, forcing her to look up at him.
“She is not dead,” he said, voice firm and commanding. “If she were, they would have left her body for you to find. They took her.”
It’s the blonde we’re supposed to take.
Embyr blinked, her eyes drawn to the far wall. Her brows knitted together when she realized the bloody smears were actually words.
“Look.” She pointed to the wall and Ryder cursed.
“Retribution,” he growled. “They took her as retribution for killing Michael.”
Shock turned into cold rage. Embyr turned and left the room, striding down the hall. Ryder grasped her elbow and tried to pull her to a stop. She snatched her arm away and continued. He settled for walking beside her.
“Embyr,” he said slowly. “What is going on in that head of yours?”
“I’m going to get her back,” she replied.
“How do you plan on doing that?”
“Kill every last one of them until I find her.”
Macintosh HD:Users:mistywilliams:Desktop:Authors:Brittany Pate:Brittany Pate.pngBrittany Pate lives in Texas with her husband and son. She is a longtime lover of all things fantasy and romance. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys narrating audio books and drinking entirely too much coffee.
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