2 Aug 2023

Monthly Recap: July 2023

July 2023 Monthly Recap

I have a very ambitious reading goal this year, so I am trying my best to stay up to date on reading, my reading challenges, and staying on track. I am about 100 books behind based on Goodreads so I am not sure I'll meet it this year but I'm going to try.

I also didn't read throughout all of June and for half of May so that puts me super far behind. I was trying to just read to read rather than reading for fun. So now I am going to focus on reading the books I own (and that I have in my room, then going to my storage unit and reading those). I also need to catch up on audiobooks that I own since I was close to 100% read for audiobooks across all the platforms I have.

I plan on being more active and out of the house in August so hopefully I can do some vlogging!

Tell me about your month!

Reading Statistics for July 2023

Total Books Read: 7
Number of Books Purchased: 4
Number of Books Received for Review: 4
Number of Books Pre-ordered for Next Month: 2

Top Five Reads

Events I Attended

No events this month!

Favourite Post

We Can(ada) Read: SCARBOROUGH by Catherine Hernandez

Next Month's TBR

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