9 Dec 2019

#Discussions: 5 Podcasts I've Been Streaming Non-Stop

5 Podcasts I've Been Streaming Non-Stop

I have been pretty inactive on here. With starting a new job, moving, and not having the internet in my new place, it hasn't been the easiest to stay up to date on blogging. I also haven't been able to read as much because my books were in one place and I was in another :( but I was listening to a lot of podcasts!

I really like using my commute time to listen to podcasts because I can learn while I'm on the train and on my way to work. I could use that time for listening to audiobooks, but I find myself a little distracted while listening sometimes and I like to try to sleep too so I wouldn't want to miss anything!

Here are some of the podcasts I've been listening to a lot lately - and I hope you'll check them out too!

Here are the podcasts I've been listening to lately!

Dude Soup by Funhaus

Dude Soup is Funhaus' podcast. Done in both video and audio format, they discuss all things pop culture related mostly to video games. A lot of great information about what is upcoming, what games are being played, and a behind the scenes look at influencing the internet by playing video games. Definitely recommend checking out their YouTube channel and podcast!

Harvard Business Reviews: Women at Work

HBR's Women at Work discusses the obstacles, challenges, and opportunities that women face in the workplace on a day to day basis. They discuss with experts the different types of obstacles and the best ways to overcome them. I have learned a lot from this podcast and really enjoy it. I like that there are a lot of great interviews, stories, and true vulnerability from women on what they deal with daily.

Cults by Parcast Network

Cults takes a look at past and present cults in the world. Each cult gets two episodes: the first looks at the psychology of the leader of the cult and the second looks at the actions of the cult in more detail. A lot of really interesting historical cults have been featured on this - and not just the "typical" ones that you may think of. If you're interested in cults, this is definitely the one for you. But it can be graphic at times, so definitely some trigger warnings!

Small Town Murder by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

Small Town Murder has the right blend of true crime and comedy. A look into the type of town that the murder happens in, the type of (dumb) things that the murders do, and a full inspection of the court case. This has everything you could ever want and more from true crime.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

My boyfriend has gotten me into Dan Carlin's history podcast. It is so thorough and detailed about different topics in history and definitely has some amazing qualities to it. Each episode is between 3-4 hours, so make sure you have time to dedicate to this! But if you're looking to expand your knowledge of history, this is definitely the podcast for you.

What podcasts do you listen to?


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