9 Jan 2019

#Discussion: 5 Basics to Blogging

Today I'm taking the time to tell you about the five basic aspects to running a blog! These tips go across all niches, content creation, and levels of expertise. I hope you learn something so let's get to it!

1. Platform

The first consideration when blogging is choosing your platform. I have a Blogger with a custom domain and custom theme. But it may be that you want to use Wordpress or Tumblr or just a social media network such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Whatever feels right to you is what you should use.

2. Content

I try to plan and create my content a week in advance. I typically schedule a month's worth of content in my planner but create the posts every Friday night or Saturday morning. This makes it easier to ensure you always have fresh content for people to see on your blog. However, you should choose how much and when you post.

I post three times a week typically, with extra posts for blog tours. If you can and want to, you can post every day. Some lifestyle and fashion bloggers will post every day with an Outfit of the Day, Recipe of the Day, Organization Tip of the Day, etc. If you want to, feel free to make that content and commitment. As long as you are consistent or transparent about when you will be posting, your audience will know when to look for new content.

3. Linking Social Media

Correlating to above, make sure if you use other social media accounts, that you link them. I have them in my sidebar for people to easily find and follow as well as in my banner! I use a consistent handle across platforms (@booksandladders) so that even if people may not be sure, they can always search and find me.

It is important to know what social media your audience, business partners, and network connections will and are using so you can find and connect to them. It also makes sense to only use the ones that you will have time for. But it is important to use your social media for content marketing. Use the social media presence you cultivate to promote the blog posts you create. Figure out what social media works for you (and it may be none!) and roll with it.

4. Networking

Use social media to network. Don't be scammy about it. The best way to network is to have something you can give the person in return for what you are asking them. Comment on a blog post, reply to a tweet, send an email, etc. Reach out to people you want to make genuine connections with and see your friendship circles and business opportunities grow. You never know what may come out of blogging!

5. Enjoyment

Ultimately blogging should be about enjoyment! Blog what you want to create, put it out into the world, and then make some more of that!

What are some of your tips for running a successful blog?

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