20 Dec 2018

#Discussion: 5 Apps Every Book Blogger Needs #Project14Lists

Project 14 Lists, otherwise known as #Project14Lists, is a 2-week blogging activity hosted by That Bookshelf Bitch that will run from December 18th to December 31st. Book bloggers are tasked to come up with creative bookish/blogging list ideas, and on each day, write a list and post it on their respective blogs.

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Need to up your app game for blogging? Here are the apps I use to blog! None of these links are affiliate ones, I just really like the apps and think you would benefit from using them like I do!

1. Buffer

I find it easiest to schedule my social media posts in advance so I always am marketing my content and bringing people to the posts that matter. I also like having a "constant" presence on social media so Buffer is useful for this!

You could also use other apps such as Hootsuite to do the same thing but I just personally prefer Buffer.

2. Trello

I love Trello for planning out posts, instagram pictures, and just about everything for blogging! It uses Boards (like white boards) and Cards (like note cards) to help you visualize what you need to get done. I like being able to upload my Instagram pictures there in case I need them in general or to create a colleague without having old pictures on my phone.

There are free and paid versions of this!

3. Planoly

Planoly is amazing for planning out your Instagram feed and determining the type of theme you want in the future. You can easily move photos around, schedule them to automatically post, and see analytics from the past month so you can see what works and what doesn't. They have a free and a paid version depending on your budget and needs! I definitely love this app and use it all the time.

4. InstaSize

I use InstaSize to edit my Instagram pictures. They have preset filters but you can also adjust things yourself to have the effect and look you want for your photos. I like that I can add watermarks to them so people can't steal my photos! There are free and paid versions of this as well.

5. Goodreads

No book blogger can live without Goodreads on the go with them all the time! I like being able to scan in new books I find and update my reading process on the go.

What are some apps you use to help you blog?


  1. I've been looking for a good social media posting app so this was super helpful!

  2. I Just took Notes thank you This is super useful

  3. The only app I use here is Goodreads! I must remedy this immediately haha. Buffer sounds like a lifesaver! I don't know why I haven't tried it yet. Love this list, Jamie!

  4. Goodreads is SOOO important :D And thanks for this! I didn't know about three apps mentioned here so I'm gonna check them out now <3

  5. I only have one of these apps (Goodreads) lol. But I do have a Preview app for Instagram that's been helpful for me in planning out my feed. Everything else, I may have to look into next year...

  6. Oh thank you so much for this! I've been looking to try to get m social media and whatnot more organized, but there are so many different types of apps that I never know what to get so this is perfect! Buffer sounds like exactly what I need. I've used the free version of another program for scheduling Twitter posts, but it's not that great haha. InstaSize also sounds great. Thanks for sharing these!


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