5 Jan 2017

#RockMyTBR 2017 Reading Challenge TBR!

Last year Sarah hosted #RockMyTBR and I epically failed at it so I decided "hey that was fun, I should do it again." So you can read all about it here and sign up yourself and epically fail with me.

Taken from Sarah's blog...
To read a minimum of 1 book per month that is currently published (no arcs with future dates). This challenge is totally what YOU make of it! You can do 5 books a month, 10, WHATEVER! Anything you accomplish is fantastic. This challenge is really what you make of it.
So what am I planning to read? I have a potential pile of books to choose from and should probably read more backlist than anything else since I don't want to buy over 20 books this year so reading from my bookshelf is what is important.

Here are the books I most likely will read but please don't hold me to it...


  1. Best of luck :) I signed up for like 3 challenges, I feel I'm going to regret it later this year :D

  2. I am doing 4 challenges, and I selected books I owned for almost all of the categories in my attempt to read the books I own. I see some great ones on your list there. Best of luck!

  3. Great list! I have never told anyone not to read a book but Icons should be a standalone, just saying. I wish I had left it that way. Debating on participating this year because I am terrible at sticking to challenges outside of the Goodreads challenge. Good luck!


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