4 Jan 2017

#DiverseReads2017 TBR!

If you don't already know, the lovely Mishma from Chasing Faerytales and Shelly from Read.Sleep.Repeat. are hosting a 2017 Reading Challenge to increase everyone's diverse reading. I am so happy and excited to say that I will be participating in this reading challenge and am officially announcing my TBR. The end of 2016 was hectic with the #12DaysOfDiversity readathon so I am only doing this now because time got away from me.

This challenge has optional themed months that I will TRY to participate in, but it might end up just being a free for all for me. My goal is 50 books out of the 104 I am challenging myself to read this year, but I am hoping to do more. I am trying to read books I own before buying new ones and I was a Bad Person and did not think about diversity prior to now so I will be relying on library and gifts and my pre-orders to get me through the year. 

The girls have put together a temporary/to be added to recommendation list that you can check out. All of them are divided by month/theme so you can either follow along with the theme or just read whatever you want. 
I'm only listing the monthly books I hope to read + any others that I know I have and/or have pre-ordered and will be updating my Reading Challenge progress both for this and my reading challenge at the end of every month so you can see what I actually ended up reading and what I "plan" to read in the next month.

January– diverse folklore/mythology (e.g. South Asian mythology, Russian folklore, Japanese folklore, Greek mythology, Chinese folklore, etc.)

February– POC Main Character / Biracial / Multiracial

March– main characters with a disability

April– mental health

May– religious diversity

June & July– sexuality and gender identity

August– non-Western setting

September– #ownvoices

October– Intersectionality

November– diverse retellings

December– 2017 Releases

Others That I Have On My Shelf/Pre-Ordered


  1. I'm in this challenge too - so thanks for listing out your books! It's super helpful to see books for some of the months that I didn't have anything planned for yet.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this challenge! I didn't know about it, and I love it :D Already joined!


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