5 Jan 2024

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fridays: THAT TIME I GOT DRUNK AND SAVED A DEMON by Kimberly Lemming

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Author: Kimberly Lemming
Series: Mead Mishaps #1
Source: eARC via publisher
Publisher: Orbit
Publication Date: January 2, 2024
Overall Rating:
Diversity Rating:
Representation: Black main character, Black side character, Queer side characters

Spice trader Cinnamon's quiet life is turned upside down when she ends up on a quest with a fiery demon in this irreverently quirky rom-com fantasy that is sweet, steamy, and funny as hell—perfect for fans of  Legends & Lattes  and  The Dragon's Bride. 

All she wanted to do was live her life in peace—maybe get a cat, expand the family spice farm. Really, anything that didn't involve going on an adventure where an orc might rip her face off. But they say the Goddess has favorite, and if so, Cin is clearly not one of them... 

After saving the demon Fallon in a wine-drunk stupor, all Fallon wants to do is kill an evil witch enslaving his people. And, who can blame him? But he's dragging Cinnamon along for the ride. On the bright side, at least he keeps burning off his shirt.

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Content Warning: on-screen sex scene, possessive, aggressive behaviour, grief, rage, deception, death

Wow. I wasn't expecting this to be spicy but hot damn. I liked the mixture of fantasy and romance in this - the stakes were high enough for me to enjoy the fantasy element and the descriptions of sex were good enough for me not to care. It literally had it all and I absolutely loved every world and couldn't put it down.

For a 182 page book, this really packs a punch in terms of storyline, worldbuilding, characters, romance, smut, both real and found family vibes and incredible humour!

The title makes it seem like it will be lighthearted, which it is as times, but this definitely deals with a lot of topics all at once that are really important and can make people think about their lives.

It did read a little fan fiction at times and using lingo from the present was a bit of a juxtaposition but overall I did really enjoy this!

Coming out in January 2024 from Orbit, who so graciously let me read this early!

Have you read this book? What was your favourite part?

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