14 Oct 2022

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fridays: Event Recap of Naomi Novik & Terry Brooks in conversation, hosted by Shawn Speakman

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fridays introduces readers who are unfamiliar with the Adult SF/F genre to books, authors, and discussions all about the vast expanse of the world of Adult SF/F!
Bestselling Del Rey Books authors Naomi Novik and Terry Brooks will be in discussion talking about fantasy, writing, and their two new books The Golden Enclaves and Daughter of Darkness.

It was an enjoyable night of learning about their newest books and about writing in general.

Naomi Novik & Terry Brooks in conversation, hosted by Shawn Speakman

Spotlight on Naomi Novik & Terry Brooks

Terry told the group how when he was a child he wasn't given access to just anywhere in the library, so he would have to sneak around. He read some books before he should have because of this!

Naomi mentioned that her daughter isn't censored for what she can read, but definitely read some of her books before she thought or intended her to. She has kept the door open for conversation, which has gotten her some awkward questions.

What are you currently reading?

Naomi Novik: I'm currently reading, BOATS WITH AN OPEN MIND, which is about the design of yachts and WE, THE NAVIGATORS about Polynesian traditions of ocean navigation. When I'm working on a project, my fiction reading drops off a cliff.

Terry Brooks: I tend to read a lot of fiction when I'm writing because I seem to write better when I'm caught up in someone else's story. I go back to mine and feel fresher about it. Except at the end - because I'm locked in and have to finish.

What is your next project?

Naomi Novik: It's related to the books I'm reading and all the research I'm doing is for a very short prequel story that will probably have minimal impact on the story overall. It will be two lines of text, but I find that it really matters. I'm writing about the discovery of new continents and I have to figure out how they do that.

Terry Brooks: I'm 75% done with the next Child of the Light series, but to write the rest, I have to learn more about mermaids. I'm learning about mermaid history throughout the world. I research as much as I can and write down as little as I have to. I want to get the feeling and sense of what it would be like and work from there.

Do you see yourself as having periods in your writing life?

Terry Brooks: I'm just trying to remember what my childhood was like. Everything runs together in a way. I just had a class reunion that I did not go to and those people are elderly! Not only that, I looked at the photos and don't know a single person and so little I remember about that period of my life.

Did you have any issues in school?

Naomi Novik: In retrospect, so many of us remember misery from those years because the miserable bits are what stick in our minds. I was the library nerd with no friends because I wasn't quite ready to do that. I was so deeply engaged in the world in my head which was more exciting than the real world. I hadn't found my people and I didn't until college and the internet.

Have you read any of these authors books?

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