15 Apr 2022

Science Fiction and Fantasy Fridays: REBELLION by C.J. Listro


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Author: C.J. Listro
Series: Rebellion Chronicles #1
Source: N/A
Publisher: Self-Published by the Author
Publication Date: February 15, 2022


Chloe is well aware that she’s ordinary. So, when bad-boy Tyler starts talking to her, she’s convinced he must have an ulterior motive. What she doesn’t suspect is that he’s actually a demon escaped from Hell to live out his college-age dreams of going to concerts and playing in a punk metal band. And that he actually likes her. Soon, swoons and romantic dates replace Chloe’s trepidation.

But as Chloe and her new friend Alicia are dragged deeper in Tyler’s world, they realize that many less-friendly demons roam the Earth too. And one of them is murdering girls—girls who look a lot like Chloe.

With the help of Tyler and a contingent of angels, Chloe and Alicia take the paranormal investigation into their own hands. Because if they don’t find out which demon is murdering girls soon, Chloe will be next.

Describe REBELLION in 10 words or less.

C.J. Listro: An old-school tongue-in-cheek paranormal romance with angels, demons, and murder. Was that less than 10?

What are the hardest scenes for you to write?

C.J. Listro: Planning scenes. Like, when the group is together and they're making the plan to take down the baddie. I always find them boring and always wonder if they're necessary or if I should just skip it, go ahead with the plot, and let the reader figure out the plan as they go.

Which of your characters did you find it easiest to write?

C.J. Listro: Tyler for sure. He's so snarky, just like me, and although he and I do not share his blinding confidence, it was easy for me to pull it off on paper. His jokes and puns and silliness just flew out of my fingertips.

What has been the best book you've read in the past six months?

C.J. Listro: Not gonna lie, I had to check Goodreads to remember what the heck I've read. But definitely MASK OF MIRRORS by M.A. Carrick. There's a deep, lustrous sense of worldbuilding in this book that immediately sucks you in, and the plot itself is multilayered and shocking. Carrick also does NOT pull punches, which I both appreciate and cry about.

How do you hope readers react to the romance between Chloe and Tyler?

C.J. Listro: I hope a reader will see their relationship as mutual and egalitarian. I want them to see how they balance and grow with each other. How Chloe pulls out Tyler's honesty and Tyler pulls out Chloe's confidence. How they better each other.

Have you read this one? Are you going to pick it up?

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