13 Mar 2019

Subscription Box #Review: #IndigoBookBox (January and February 2019)

I am reviewing TWO of the Indigo Book Boxes for you today because they came out around the same time and I unboxed them at the same time. While Indigo DOES send me their Staff Picks of the Month for review and promotion, they DO NOT send me these Teen Book Boxes for the same purpose. I purchase these myself.

They are a little difficult to find on the Indigo website because Indigo is (much) more than just a subscription box website as they are the only Canadian big box store for books, home goods, etc.

Past boxes (that are still available):
Today, I am reviewing the January box (Leigh Bardugo, KING OF SCARS) and February box (Angie Thomas, ON THE COME UP) for you! I'll start with January and move into February and give you a full wrap-up of worth, value, etc. at the bottom for both.

January 2019: Leigh Bardugo

Price: $29.99 (with free shipping)
Shipping Time: 3 days
Included inside...

  • A copy of King of Scars (regular edition) signed by the author
  • A letter from Leigh Bardugo
  • An exclusive King of Stars travel mug – perfect for that fortifying hot or cold beverage to help you battle through your day
  • A tube of FOLKLORE Sweet Honey Hand Cream to soothe your hands after turning each of those awesome pages
  • Grishaverse pin that looks amazing on my pinboard
  • Bookmark for CROWN OF FEATHERS by Nicki Pau Preto

February 2019: Angie Thomas

Price: $29.99 (with free shipping)
Shipping Time: 3 days
Included inside...
  • A First Edition copy of On the Come Up signed by the author 
  • A letter from Angie Thomas
  • A microphone-shaped enamel pin – in a discreet size that lets you stand for speaking your truth when surrounded by those who can’t hear it
  • Exclusive On the Come Up book sleeve featuring Bri’s kicks, her necklace, and a mic – to protect your novel while it’s in your bag. Crafted in cotton, each sleeve may feature slight variance in colour and density, kind of like the way rhymes can sound at different venues.
Here's where I get real with you. If you didn't watch my unboxing videos above where I discuss why I really love these boxes, here is that for you.

They cost basically the same amount as what the book does - maybe $5 more on average. Plus you get free shipping. This is about $40 less than what I pay for other book boxes. Are there perks in those? Of course. OwlCrate gives you exclusive covers, FairyLoot focuses on Fantasy, Once Upon A Book Club gives you things to open as you read the book, etc. But a lot of these boxes are filled with things I would never pick up for myself and would never use. I am glad they want to showcase artists and people's small businesses but I don't need 1000 art prints of the same characters over and over again.

The Indigo Book Box gives you official merchandise, a signed copy of the book, and not too many trinkets or items that you don't need. They include practical items that everyone could have a use for. And now that they are selling book sleeves, I look forward to those being thrown in every now and then!

On top of that, they tell you what's in the box before you actually purchase it. No guessing about what book it could be or what other items you may get, they lay it out for you on the website. There are usually a couple more items included that aren't listed, but these are fun little surprises (usually from the publisher) and not irrelevant items or ones from a fandom I'm not part of.

Beyond this, they try to be fairly inclusive. It isn't just the Big Names or Books that get featured, but diverse authors and a mix of publishers. The next two books are BLOODLEAF and WICKED SAINTS so I know what books I don't need to necessarily "preorder" because I have them in this box. That cuts down on duplicates and all that jazz.

I definitely recommend this box if you are in Canada and want a cheaper option but still want to participate in the subscription box scene.

What subscription boxes do you get?


  1. I really loved this book significantly superior to anything The Hate You Give. The Hate You Give was a vital book, however there were a great deal of pointless scenes and even superfluous characters. The pacing was moderate on occasion, and the story appeared to delay. Regardless I loved that book, however it wasn't my top choice.

  2. Oh, these sound like great boxes! I haven't signed up for a subscription for any myself for many of the reasons you listed (they're expensive, you get stuff you don't need, they don't tell you what book is coming).


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