23 Jan 2019

#Discussion: Book Recommendations Based on TITANS Characters

I spent this weekend binge watching TITANS on Netflix, the start to the Netflix DCU Canon. I am now obsessed. So obviously I want to talk about it and am going to do so the only way I know how. I will be giving you 3 book recommendations based on each of the main Titans in the show! Also, I love that this show is deeply flawed but shows people being and acting realistically, so if you haven't seen it yet, definitely watch it!


Rachel Roth, also known as the Raven, is a girl with lethal dark magical powers. She is half-human, half-demon, but all magic. Young, impressionable, and full of raw power, Raven is by far the strongest of the Titans. As a comment on the show TITANS, how much did they pay to have snippets of Game of Thrones in there?

If you want to read like Raven...


Kory Anders, aka Starfire, is an alien from the planet Tamaran. She was sent to Earth to "secure" Raven but she lost her memory and ended up befriending her instead. Definitely the biggest badass mother fucker on the team, I loved this version of Starfire in TITANS.

If you want to read like Starfire...


Dick Grayson, aka Robin, starts the series as a detective for the Detroit Police Department. He was a trapeze artist at Haly's Circus as part of The Flying Graysons alongside his parents until they were tragically murdered and he was adopted by Bruce Wayne. He was Robin until he gives up that position prior to the show starting and, formally, during TITANS. I will say, I am extremely disappointed by the lack of dick jokes in TITANS.

If you want to read like Robin...


Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy, can currently only shapeshift into a tiger, which is a cat and I appreciate the humour. He is easy going and a vegan, but very powerful. He received his powers when Dr. Caulder administered him an untested serum in order to cure him from a virus transmitted through animal bite.

If you want to read like Beast Boy...

Who is your favourite (Teen) Titan?

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