5 May 2017

Subscription Box #Review: My SciFi Club

I love surprises and subscription boxes so I decided to buy a few different ones and then review them for you guys because why not! So you will get to see a few different subscription box reviews over the next few weeks because they all arrived!

Just so everyone knows, I live in Canada, so the prices and such that I am going to talk about are in Canadian Dollars and shipping times are international from the US to Canada as well. 

My SciFi Club

Where To Buy? 


How Often Does It Come? 

Every Month and you can choose either specific Science Fiction, Fantasy, or surprise me. I bought a "Surprise Me" box.


Each My SciFi Crate: $14.99USD/month plus shipping

Six Months: $12.99USD/month plus shipping; total of $77.95 USD plus shipping

Twelve Months: $11.92USD/month plus shipping; total of $143.00 USD plus shipping

Free shipping to the US and $10USD shipping to Canada

Shipping Time?

It ships on during the first week of the month and took literally two days to get to my US mailbox. 

Ordering Process?

Because My SciFi Club is connected to CrateJoy, the ordering process is really easy. Especially if you use CrateJoy often, then it saves all your information. 

What's Inside?

The month I bought had two books and a movie, which is typical for each month. They don't go by themes, but rather send out random books. The problem? Because they send random books (that clearly were from a discount place) it doesn't mean you will get the first in a series. I actually received the third in a trilogy and the tenth in a series so it wasn't really helpful for me. Sure, I only had to pay like $30 and got a lot of stuff, but now I have to go out and find the other books in the series to be able to read it! That's not a bargain for your buck.
I don't even care that this is sideways

Was It Worth It?


What subscription boxes do you get? Are you going to pick up this one?

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  1. That is terrible! Why would you send a new customer book # 3 and #10


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