30 Sept 2016

We Can(ada) Read Wrap-Up!

Thank you everyone for participating in this First Annual We Can(ada) Read! Yup, that's right, I'm going to do this every year! I want to extend a heart-felt thank you to all the bloggers and authors who wrote me posts to feature on here! You can see all the posts on the kick-off page, which you can access here.

However, there are so many more Canadian YA authors than what could be featured (and believe me, we had a packed schedule), so here is a list of other Canadian YA authors (that I know of):

The giveaway for a Canadian YA book ends on October 8th, so if you're just finding out about this now, DON'T WORRY! You still have time! Until next year, folks!

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  1. How is September done already?! Sign me up for next year! I've added some new authors to my list and I'll be keeping my eye out for new ones!


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