8 Sept 2016

We Can(ada) Read: Jamie from Books and Ladders discussing Moira Young

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Jamie is a Canadian book blogger who owns more books than she can fit in her room. She mostly reads YA but has a soft spot for all types Science Fiction and Fantasy, so she carries those around with her as well. Jamie typically reads while drinking tea, curled up in a little ball for maximum warmth. 

Connect with Jamie:
When I first read the DUSTLANDS TRILOGY by Moira Young, I had no idea she was Canadian. I picked up the book at Chapters, read the back, and bought it on a whim. And I loved it. The world is incredible, the characters are so well developed, and there is just a hint of love as magic to wrap everything up so nice and neatly. When I went to read the second book, I picked it up at the library and say the Canadian sticker on the side and thought "!!!!". Not only is this a great series, but it is by a Canadian? Sign me up for that! 

This series looks at Saba and how she evolves from dependant on her brother to an independent woman. She faces many trials and tribulations along the way but always follows her heart. She sacrifices so much for the people she loves but never lets that get her down. Saba is so strong and such a good role model for young and older women alike because she takes what life has given her and makes it into something completely different. She understands that life isn't easy and sometimes you have to kill to survive. 

If you haven't already checked out the Dustlands Trilogy, I highly recommend doing so. Young creates a great dystopian world filled with terror from realizing that people are the monsters to fear. This series is one of my all time favourites and I hope you really enjoy it as well.

Moira Young is from Vancouver, BC and now lives in the UK. A former actor and opera singer, her debut novel, Blood Red Road, first in the Dustlands trilogy, was published in 2011 to international acclaim. It won a host of prizes including the Costa Children’s Book Award, the British Columbia Book Prize for Children’s Literature and France's Le Prix des Incorruptibles. In the USA it won a Cybils Award for Fantasy and Science Fiction and was an ALA-YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults book. It is being developed for film by Ridley Scott. The second Dustlands book, Rebel Heart, was a finalist in Canada for the Sunburst Prize, BC Stellar Award and Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy. The last part of the Dustlands trilogy, Raging Star, was published in May 2014. The Dustlands books are published in 30 countries.

Connect with the Author:

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  1. I loved Blood Red Road and I had the exact same reaction when I found out the author is Canadian. She came for a signing a few years ago, did you go to that?


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