22 Sept 2016

We Can(ada) Read: Elizabeth from The Kindred Reader discussing L.M. Montgomery

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My name is Elizabeth and I blog at The Kindred Reader. I was born and raised in small town Canada where during long winter months and long summer days I absolutely fell in love with reading. Now as a university student studying chemistry and education, I love to introduce people to the stories I loved, especially fantasy and science fiction.

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Montgomery and Anne are perhaps one of the first Canadian stories (that could be considered YA) that took off, and they are also one of the most enduring. For over a hundred years readers have been falling in love with Anne! These stories helped people to realize that a story about a precocious teenage orphan could sell and touch hearts, that there is value in the stories of young people.

The thing I love most about Montgomery's books is that just about any bookworm is bound to find a character just like themselves. Whether they are outgoing and imaginative like Anne, or more of a quiet homebody like Diana, they are sure to feel that connection. As well I don't know of any other author who writes friendships quite like Montgomery. Throughout many of her stories there are themes or deep and meaningful friendships, found families (not necessarily related by blood) and stories of real human connection. The Anne series also has one of my FAVOURITE romances ever! Probably from the very first time I read Anne of Green Gables and the following books I used to dream about finding a man, and a relationship, like Anne did. And that is definitely still a dream I have today! 

If you are looking to start reading LM Montgomery's books I would recommend starting either with the Anne of Green Gables series (which has eight books) or the Emily of New Moon series (three books). From there you can branch out into stories with other characters, some old favourites and some new ones too!

Lucy Maud Montgomery was a Canadian author, best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908.

The author of the famous Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery, was born at Clifton, Prince Edward Island, Nov. 30, 1874. She came to live at Leaskdale, north of Uxbridge Ontario, in 1911 after her wedding with Rev. Ewen Macdonald on July 11, 1911 in Prince Edward Island. Her three children were born at Leaskdale, and she wrote close to a dozen books while she was living in the Leaskdale Manse before the Macdonald family moved to Norval, Ontario in 1926. 

Maud died in Toronto April 24, 1942 and was buried at Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

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