30 Aug 2016

#BlogTour: FOR THE CLAN by Archer Kay Leah

Hello and welcome to my blog tour stop for

FOR THE CLAN by Archer Kay Leah!

Today I have an excerpt for you plus a giveaway so keep scrolling! But first, let's learn more about the book.


Author: Archer Kay Leah
Source: ebook via Publisher
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Publication Date: May 25, 2016

Canada, 2165 AD. The Water Wars and a decimated economy have taken their toll. Anyone who doesn't live in a military-patrolled metropolis lives in a clan. But being in a clan doesn't mean safety.

And for a Ven like Roan Lee, it doesn't matter where he lives. Safety is a luxury. So is freedom.

Roan is desperate to escape the governtary's exploitation and torture. He is nothing to them but 54σK1, an artifact born from a genetic mishap. When the chance to escape arises, he makes a run for it—and encounters the lover from his past, twisting his future into a second chance he never expected.

As leaders of Clan Teach, Jace Ama and his wife, Cayra Diega, have enough difficulty keeping their people safe. When Roan is thrown to their feet as a prisoner, their marriage becomes an additional challenge. Jace still loves Roan, but where does that leave Cayra?  


Cayra focused on the trees in the distance, hoping no one bothered them. She may not have another chance. "I don't know if he's told you, but we talked. Came to an understanding. I'd like you and me to do the same. We don't have to be strangers. We don't have to be at odds. We can talk about him like grown ups. No drama." Cayra watched him pull on the needle, closing the gaping holes in the canvas. "I know he still loves you. I'm curious to know if you feel the same."

His silence wasn't an answer, but his hard yank on the cord was.

"So you do," she murmured. "He says you've already talked about it. Decided to leave things be. Says he won't screw with our marriage just because you've come back. That can't be easy. I don't know what you went through, but I can imagine. Must've been excruciating. I wouldn't have been able to stand it, losing him. I'd have gone mad. Don't know how you managed to get through it."  

Roan's jaws flexed. 

"He's missed you, Roan, and I think he still needs you. I'm just sorry I'm in the way." Scraping the sole of her boot along the edge of the bench, Cayra stared at the dirt falling to the ground. "What would you do if I weren't here? If I weren't Jace's wife, if he weren't married to anyone, what would happen?"

Roan's hand balled into a fist, crushing the canvas. For a second, she worried he might stab her with the needle.

"You can tell me," Cayra whispered. "If I weren't involved, what would you want to have happen? What would make you happy?"

He threw down the canvas and cord. 

"What, Cayra?" Roan spat out. "What? You want me to say I thought of him every day I was stuck in that hellhole? That I cried myself to sleep over how much I wished he was with me? That I begged to every conceivable so-called god just to see him one more time? Because I will; I'll say it a hundred times if it means you'll leave me the hell alone, you and these screwing-with-you rhetoricals."

Roan jumped off the table. The ropes landed at his feet and the canvas slid to the ground. "What does it freaking matter what I want? I live in reality, not some pretty little world with butterflies and goddamn glittery unicorns. There's no chance for him and me, I get that. We lost everything. That's painfully obvious without you sticking your nose in and rubbing mine in it." His face reddened more as he jabbed a finger at her. "You get to keep him, that's all that matters." He threw his arms open. "I'm the loser. I get the consolation prize. I get to watch him be happy with you."

"Why does it have to be like this with you?" Cayra yelled back. "Fine, it hurts. I'm not trying to make it worse. But why—why—does it have to be so black and white? Why can't we find something better other than you hating me and making me feel like I'm three inches fucking tall? Like it's all my fault?" She hopped off the shaking table, trying not to stomp on the canvas. "Now give me a serious freaking answer. If I wasn't a factor—if Jace came to you wanting more—what would you do? Would you want it? Would you seriously consider something more serious with him, other than just burying everything? Would you want to make up for it all?"

"Yes!" Roan leaned towards her. "Does it make you feel any better? 'Cause it sure as hell makes me feel like shit. You think it sucks feeling three inches tall? Try feeling like a big nothing for the whole of your life then come talk to me about what I'm feeling." 
Archer Kay Leah was raised in Canada, growing up in a port town at a time when it was starting to become more diverse, both visibly and vocally. Combined with the variety of interests found in Archer's family and the never-ending need to be creative, this diversity inspired a love for toying with characters and their relationships, exploring new experiences and difficult situations.

Archer most enjoys writing speculative fiction and is engaged in a very particular love affair with fantasy, especially when it is dark and emotionally charged. When not reading and writing for work or play, Archer is a geek with too many hobbies and keeps busy with other creative endeavors, a music addiction, and whatever else comes along. Archer lives in London, Ontario with a same-sex partner and their cat.

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