27 Jun 2016

Discussion: A Day in the Life

I thought I'd show you guys a little of what I do on my heavy "blogging" days (which is pretty much every day right now!) so you can see how much time and effort I put into all three of my blogs to bring you guys quality content.
5:30-8:00am: Wake up! I get up and do an hour of walking on the treadmill to hit my steps counter on my Fitbit. Then I shower and get dressed for the day and eat some breakfast and check in with Dani so she knows I'm alive.

8:30-10:00am: Schedule my promo tweets for the day on Hootsuite, double check everything is good to go for whichever post is going live for the day. Plan my instagram caption and make sure my picture is tagged.

10:00am-12:00pm: Get caught up on world news. I have a subscription to the Globe and I read it every day then do some extra reading from other news outlets so I’m less biased about what is happening.

12:00-1:00pm: Update social media, check over my blog post (again), answer back on some comments/tweets

1:00-3:00pm: Read. Update status on Goodreads. Sometimes I just browse tumblr or search for apartments near my new school.

3:00-4:30pm: Get ready for work, which sometimes includes a nap

4:30-5:30pm: Drive to work, usually while listening to an audiobook

6:00-9:00pm: Work, usually I use this time to update my blog, schedule future posts, comment spree, etc. Sometimes I just watch hockey though.

9:00-10:00pm: Drive home from work

10:00-11:30pm: Eat dinner/read/watch Netflix. This varies by day and depending on how much reading I got done.

11:30-12:00am: Try to fall asleep, usually I don’t succeed. If I don’t I read until I do or I get out of bed and do something else.
Oh wow, writing out my life makes me realize just how boring it is. Once I’m in grad school, starting September!, I should have a bit more active lifestyle but for now that’s it.

How does your day look when you are committed to blogging?

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