9 Feb 2016

Top Ten Tuesday (18): Top Ten NOtps

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and everyone is getting caught by the love bug. But not me. I'm going to be bitter about love for a couple minutes here and tell you about all the couples I cannot STAND together. For those of you who are unaware, you can see the Urban Dictionary definition of NOtp but the gist is summed up in this gif:
So without further ado, here are some couples that got together -- or that people ship together -- and I am like "WHAT NOOOOOOO!!!" Be warned that some of these might be TV/movie/book spoilers!


OMG don't even get me STARTED on this one. MISFITS was EASILY one of my favourite TV shows for the first couple of series. And then the writers decided to eff up ALL THE PAIRINGS. People who should have been endgame ended up with OTHER PEOPLE and for what?? Better story telling?? Not even in your wildest dreams. How can you tell me that Simon and Alisha were better than Curtis and Alisha? NOPE. AND FUCK, NATHAN AND KELLY WERE THE BOMB DOT COM. I honestly got so mad at how the story progressed (and not just the pairings) that I stopped watching after the third series. I just couldn't handle it. It was beyond stupid.


I do not get it. I DO NOT GET IT. Mikasa and Eren are NOT good for one another in a romantic sense. AT ALL. Eren needs someone to push him to be better, not enable him to do whatever he wants and then clean up his mess. And MIKASA BABY YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER. They just need to stay and remain friends and that's that. 


I see the appeal, I do agree that Colin is hot AF, but I am NOT a fan of killing off one love interest just so a ship can sail. So this one was doomed before it even started for me. OuaT went downhill for me once they killed off Neil and I have had zero interest in picking it back up, even with all the good looking people on their roster.


There were some things that HIMYM got really right. And then there are some things they got really wrong. Ending the series with Ted and Robin together was the BIGGEST MISTAKE IN TELEVISION HISTORY, imo. There are some couples you root for all along and hope they get together, even when they are with other people, but this was NOT ONE OF THOSE CASES. And, again, I am NOT A FAN OF KILLING OFF ONE LOVE INTEREST JUST SO A SHIP CAN SAIL. Fucking HIMYM. It has no rewatchable qualities now. I used to live for that show. Fuck HIMYM.


I stopped watching the show when Stiles and Malia got together. I could NOT HANDLE IT. And the whole sex thing? DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED. I ship Stiles with literally everyone else on the show but I could NOT get there with Malia. She was a cheap replacement for Allison and Malia deserved better character development than being brought in as Stiles' love interest. I hear they aren't together anymore so I bet she gets killed off soon. Also, the queerbaiting on TW is incredible and I cannot get there anymore. I will continue to rewatch Seasons 1-3 and that will be that.


I mostly see this with the TV show watchers, but still. All I have to say to you people who ship this is WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

7. BELLAMY BLAKE x RAVEN REYES from THE 100 (TV show, not the book)

JUST GOD NO. They would be BAMF friends but they do not need romance to make their relationship AMAZING. PLEASE DEAR GOD DO NOT LET THIS EVER HAPPEN. They can be FWB for all I care but there is no way in hell that they would be a good couple. NOPE NOPE NOPE.


Just no. Like Tsukiyama literally wants to eat Kaneki. And not in a loving way but in a cannibal way. THAT'S NOT LOVE PEOPLE. DON'T LET PEOPLE EAT YOU. I actually just don't understand. Like is it because of the fact that he wants to eat him? Because like no thank you. I would rather my romance be biting free.


THIS STILL MAKES ME SO MAD. It's not even so much the ship that infuriates me as much as the actions by the two characters to be together. Like UGH. LEO ACTED LIKE SUCH AN ASS. I can't handle this. I also don't like that in this story everyone got paired off with someone at the end. Like that was a bit much. Real life isn't like that friends.


I think Joss Whedon does some good things (sometimes) but THIS WAS NOT ONE OF THEM. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS HE THINKING PUTTING BRUCE AND NATASHA TOGETHER. Like it makes zero sense and is literally thrown in to give Natasha a love interest. Why does she even need a love interest. She is a perfect character all on her own. And the travesty that is Clint with a family. UGH AGE OF ULTRON IS JUST NOT A GOOD MOVIE.

Who are your NOtps? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I LOVELOVELOVE this topic, first off. Also, Misfits! I haven't seen that show in so long I almost forgot that it was a thing. I absolutely loved Nathan and Kelly together. However, I have to say that I liked Alisha and Simon (or, HOT Simon as me and my friend call him, because there are like two different Simons). It seemed a bit odd in the beginning to think that they would end up together. But, I think that they kind of grew on me. Also, Stiles and Malia. NOPE. The whole sex thing? What was that? Why did that happen? I didn't like how that happened. This is really great list!

    My Top Ten OTPs

  2. Great topic this week! :D

    Sansa and The Hound - what are some people thinking?!

    Check out my TTT.

  3. I love that you've almost went for an anti-Valentines post! :-) I'm not familar with many of these characters but I love your list all the same!

  4. Ugh, I hated the end of HIMYM too! The whole show was about how he met their mother... and then it all just didn't matter because apparently he was still in love with someone else. I love that you ship Stiles with everyone else on the show except Malia though, hahaha. I never got into Teen Wolf enough and stopped watching it this season, but I guess I just never felt anything about the Stiles/Malia relationship. Just apathy, which really isn't much better than hate.

  5. Firstly, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. This is the best topic ever to grace this Earth. Secondly, Natasha absolutely 100% does not need a love interest EVER. Why couldn't you just leave her to be a freaking badass, Whedon? WHY? *coughs* I'm totally calm. I never get unnecessarily annoyed with bad shipping...never.


  7. Oh my God! Don't get me started on the Natasha/Bruce romance! It just felt so forced! In some ways I wouldn't have minded if they'd actually taken time to set up a romance between them but in The Avengers Natasha was always wary of Bruce/the Hulk so I have no idea how she could suddenly fancy him. This isn't even as a hurt Clint/Natasha shipper because I love them as an ultimate badass Brotp as well as together romantically. In some ways I liked Clint having a family but really it's just something thrown in to look like character development - he could have still taken the team to the farm but instead there was his brother Barney's family and he was the absent but cool loser uncle instead of him being a dad that's off having near death experiences every other week. Age of Ultron is one of those films where the more I think about what it did to the characters and their relationships, the more I get annoyed.
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  8. OOOh nice topic and picks! Not familiar with all of them but definitely ship Hook and Swan! Lol!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  9. I personally loved captain swan, but i do wish that they hadn't killed off neil!! I felt like calypso and leo were forced... ugh DOnt GET ME STARTED on nat and bruce. no. just no. love these picks :)
    here's my ttt!

  10. omg! I was SO ANGRY at the HIMYM show finale! Like, Wtf I honestly thought it was a sick april fools joke. I liked Barney and Robin together and I was so pissed that they spent an entire season building up to their wedding, only for them to then break up?!?! LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME.So i just pretend that episode never happened. Also, I totally ship Eren X Levi lmfao

  11. Haha, such a great topic.

    #1. Who are you? Friendship terminated. Kidding. Kidding. Actually, I hope this isn't too much of a spoiler, but I am pretty sure Neil is going to be back in the new season starting next month. I've been creeping the cast's Instagrams and that's what it looks like to me. I always hated Neil and Emma together, though. As soon as Hook appeared I shipped them 100%.

    6. What the acutal f. People ship Sansa and The Hound? WHY!? EW. No. No. NO. At this point I actually don't ship Sansa with anyone. I love Sansa and I really think she is an underdog in the series.

    7. I don't like Raven that much o_O. She gets on my nerves. I want Bellamy and Clarke together so much it hurts. I just watched the episode one of the newest season list night and ... not happy.

    Sarah @ Kerosene Lit

  12. AHAHA I love what you've done with the topic!
    I'm the SAME with Captain Swan - and I never really knew why until I read your post - killing off Neal was definitely such a bad decision! >.<
    I've stopped watching it now too :/
    I didn't have a huge problem with Leo and Calypso - but I didn't ship tbh, and I completely understand what you said with everyone being paired off - it was too perfect of an ending for me xD
    Great topic!
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

  13. I really really did not ship Natasha and Bruce! I think Natasha is perfectly fine being with herself. I mean, she is such a badass characters. And yes, Leo and Calypso. I guess I just didn't see the chemistry between them. Anyway, great topic!

  14. "SANSA x THE HOUND from A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE...All I have to say to you people who ship this is WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU." Well, I'm a selfish bitch. I love Sansa and I want to see her get all she wants and deserves.
    I want to see her outplay her former "teachers". I want to see her reunited with her family. I want her to find out that contrary to what she thinks right now there are people who see her as more than a pawn and truly care about her.
    There's a disturbing age difference and power imbalance between Sansa and the Hound. He's a fucked up, broken creature filled with hate and anger but there's more to him than that. We see him trying to change. We see he never got a real joy from killing. We see him seeking a more honorable master.
    Sansa's emotional strength and empathy inspire a great change in Sandor. But at the same time he challenges her idealistic romantic views with his bitter cynicism.
    During their interactions they both cling desperately to the safety of their own views but we later see the strong impact their accidental clandestine meetings have on their behaviour.
    She feels safe around him despite his harshness. She knows how close he was to crushing her innocence but finds it in herself to empathize with his fear.
    She adds the unkiss to her memory of their last encounter and wonders what has happened to him despite the fact that he has no political value in the game of thrones.
    They keep developing and growing up as characters. They understand each other, they trust each other and they care about each other in their own way.
    Sorry for the rant. Everyone's entitled to their opinion but I don't understand why recognizing the potential for an interesting relationship makes you think that there's something wrong with me.

  15. I was so pissed with the way HIMYM ended!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/09/top-ten-tuesday-43/


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