15 Oct 2015

Which Affinity Are YOU? #AirAwakens

So you guys know I'm a HUGE FAN of the Air Awakens series by Elise Kova. I am in the Street Team and a moderator of the Fan Club on GR. (Does that surprise you because it shouldn't) But today I am here to tell you about a fun little project that the moderators put together to help spread the word about Air Awakens.

If you don't know much about the book, Vhalla Yarl is the first Windwalker in 150 years and was Awoken when she attempted to save the life of Crown Prince Aldrik Solaris. From there, she is thrust into the magical world and has to learn not only how to use her magic but survive being a tool of the Empire.

Accordingly so, one of the *big* *things* in this series is magic. The magic in this series is very well developed; those touched with magic will have one of four affinities. Typically, though not always, those from the North are Groundbreakers, those from the East are Windwalkers, those from the South are Waterrunners, and those from the West are Firebearers. 

The author, Elise Kova, created a play buzz quiz to help you determine your magical affinity. Because of this, the moderators at the Air Awakens Fan Club thought a fun way to spread the word about the book would be to tell everyone our magical affinities. Starting October 16th, you will learn about all the affinities, starting with Windwalkers until October 23rd. 

You're probably thinking: But then I will want to read the book! No worries, Elise is hosting an Air Awakens Read Along over on Facebook between October 25th to November 15th. During this time she will be telling you extras about the book including deleted scenes (I'm hoping for more Baldair action) and having some Air Awakens themed giveaways! Whether you've never read the book or this will be your fourth reread, everyone is invited!

Does this sound like something you want to do? Head on over to Goodreads and participate! Make sure you link your blog post back to there or tweet it to me, Dani, Iris, or Sabrina, so we can help spread the word! 

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