20 Jul 2015

Blog Tour: As Darkness Gathers by Emma Elliot

As Darkness Gathers by Emma Elliot
Category: Romance / Suspense
Publication date: Sep 9, 2014
ISBN (paper): 978-1-61213-325-6
ISBN (ebook): 978-1-61213-326-3
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When their plane goes down in the Canadian wilderness, Finch Rhodes’s and Clay Gandy’s lives become entwined. Together they face the unforgiving elements of unfamiliar terrain in winter. With their lives at stake, Finch and Clay are forced to rely on one another to survive, and they forge a bond that lasts even after they are rescued.

Finch struggles to adjust to normal life upon returning home, hindered by seemingly harmless mishaps that soon escalate into brutal attacks. She once again comes to rely on Clay, but as the connection between them deepens, the threat against her grows.

With her life in jeopardy, Finch must decide whether those she loves are the ones she can trust.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to The Writer's Coffeeshop for this opportunity.

I really enjoyed this one! It had the right mix of suspense and romance for me. I feel like I just wanted more of one or the other instead of it being divided between the two.

I thought there would be more of the characters stranded in the woods since that is what the description and cover appear to promise, but I do think it was the right amount of time there for what was to follow. The plot was clever and it kept me guessing right until the end. I had one half of the equation figured out, but not the other so that made the read extremely enjoyable!

Finch was an interesting character and I loved her named and where it came from. She was strong and caring. I think it was nice for her to have Clay as a crutch to lean on, but I thought that since she had done so well during the plane crash as being the leader, that it was a little unnecessary for her to constantly be relying on him to solve her problems. I think she could have done just fine on her own with a little help from her friends.

I would have liked to learn more about her brother Darcy and his predicament. I felt like it was a main feature and given very little explanation and then over and done with. I felt that way about most of the asides to make the plot thicken: it was there and present until it was discredited as the overall suspenseful aspect of the novel where it was given a shaky explanation and then done with.

I liked Clay. I thought he was pretty complex and intriguing. I would have liked to learn more about him and his past but that's okay. I also liked that his and Finch's relationship was a semi slow-build. And that their "meet-cute" for lack of better term was really looked into. I find a lot of times authors use these horrific accidents as a way for people to meet but don't have them analyze this meeting to determine if they would still like one another had the circumstances been different. I honestly felt that had the flight been normal, Clay and Finch would have still fallen in love, which is always good when I am determining if I like a romance/relationship.

Overall: 3.5/5 stars. This one had a little bit of everything and I really enjoyed it.

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