19 May 2015

The Glasswrights' Journeyman (Glasswrights #3) by Mindy L. Klasky

The Glasswrights' Journeyman (Glasswrights #3) by Mindy L. Klasky

Goodreads Synopsis
When fire ravages the city of Morenia, King Hal must consider marrying the wealthy princess of Liantine. To ensure a good deal, he asks Rani Trader for help. But they discover things are done differently in Liantine as negotiations prove difficult. Then Rani falls under the sway of the Players--entertainers with glassmaking secrets she craves. 


I don't think this book was a strong as the others in the series. The last book switched between points of view, but it felt clumsy this time rather than purposeful. The storyline wrapped up too neatly for my liking -- it was just too coincidental that Hal will be able to get everything he needs and not have any real consequences of his actions. I also seriously hope that Crestman is not a slave for the remainder of this series because he has sacrificed too much to be reduced to that. Honestly, I was not happy that Serena was reintroduced only to be killed off for no real purpose and if the same thing happens to Crestman, I will be furious. 

Tovin was not an interesting character and I feel like he didn't really serve a purpose except to give Rani a love interest now that Hal is occupied with Mareka. Mareka is such a flat character as well and is not worth the storyline or the heartache that she is going to cause Hal and Moren. And this stupid spider storyline makes me want to scream. The Fellowship storyline in general is stupid and the fact that the only way to continue it was through this spider nonsense makes me want to rip my hair out. I was really enjoying the series up until now and the only reason I will be continuing it is because I already purchased the other books.

Overall: 2.5/5 stars. Mostly because I didn't like Crestman enough to offset Tovin and Mareka.

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