23 May 2015

Looking to the Future: This Week!

Hey guys so I am a little behind in my reading because it has been a crazy week and I have lots of school stuff coming up, so I am going to review something that I read years ago and just reread this past month: the Dragon Ball manga by Akira Toriyama! I am going to review it by Saga/Arcs that the anime is divided into and base my chapters/volumes on that, then give my overall impressions of the entire manga, just so there is no confusion. It'll make it easier for dividing and ensuring that you guys get the best review of it possible. I have a couple full colour versions of the manga as well so I will be reviewing those separately once I get to them and I will be sure to include lots of pictures. 

So starting tomorrow morning and continuing into next week, the list of reviews will be as follows:
Dragon Ball Manga
Goku Arc
Emperor Pilaf Saga - May 24
Tournament Saga - May 24

Red Ribbon Army Arc
Red Ribbon Army Saga - May 24
General Blue Saga - May 24

Commander Red Saga - May 25
Fortuneteller Baba Saga  - May 25

Piccolo Arc

Tien Shinhan Saga - May 25
King Piccolo Saga - May 26
Piccolo Jr. Saga - May 26

Overall Impressions of the Dragon Ball Manga - May 26

Dragon Ball Z Manga
Saiyan Arc
Vegeta Saga - May 27
Vegeta Saga FULL COLOUR - May 27

Frieza Arc
Namek Saga - May 27
Captain Ginyu Saga - May 28
Frieza Saga - May 28

Cell Arc
Trunks Saga - May 28

Androids Saga - May 29
Imperfect Cell Saga - May 29
Perfect Cell Saga - May 29
Cell Games Saga - May 30

Buu Arc
Great Saiyaman Saga - May 30
World Tournament Saga - May 30
Babidi Saga - May 31
Majin Buu Saga - May 31
Fusion Saga - May 31

Kid Buu Saga - June 1

Overall Impressions of the Dragon Ball Z Manga - June 1

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