23 May 2015

Fictitious Friday (3): Favourite Fictional House

Fictitious Friday (3) - May 22, 2015
Fiction Spotlight of the Week: Favourite Fictional House

My favourite fictional house is most definitely the New York Shadowhunter's Institute from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. This house is where the New York Shadowhunters make their base camp and are able to research anything and everything related to the downworlders that they are hunting.

I would say that my favourite scene set in the New York Institute in the series is probably at the end of City of Bones when {SPOILERS} Valentine comes for The Mortal Cup at the Institute and tells Clary and Jace that they are biological siblings, which created drama and angst. It made for such an interesting twist to the series!

Obviously a close second is the garden scene in City of Bones for how much I love the Institute (and Jace).

What's your favourite fictional house? Sound off in the comments! Lots of love and happy reading! xx

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