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I am offering paid services to authors to help with their manuscripts via beta reading and synopsis critiques. In addition, I offer marketing services in the form of reading over query letters to bloggers, synopsis critiques, and more.

Please send me an email to
to book your spot today!

Upon approval of your manuscript, I will email you back with a confirmation. At this time, a tentative date of completion will be provided; this will typically be around three to four weeks from receipt of the manuscript, however, depending on demand, timelines may increase. 

Specific completion dates can be done upon request, however rush turnaround time will result in additional charges. If I do not think we will be able to finish reading and editing before the end of four weeks, I will email you and give you an updated timeline.

I read through your manuscript for the following items:
  • characterization,
  • plot,
  • motivation,
  • setting, and
  • pacing.
I provide in text comments, usually about where I feel lost or confused on a topic or think there should be more information, as well as a summarized review that goes into details of the items listed above as if I was writing a review of the completed novel.

You also have the option of receiving an additional worksheet with specific questions that I have created over time, as well as specific questions you have about your manuscript based on areas you think need improvement. This is an additional $30 USD.

I require 50% up front and 50% before sending over my final notes and the marked up manuscript. The first 5,000 words are free for both of us to get a sense of how the other works and to make sure that this is a working relationship we want to continue. Thereafter, I charge $0.002 per word.

For delivery times, I have four options for you:
  • Standard: 4 weeks from the date of 50% of the invoice paid and the manuscript landing in my inbox.
  • Two Weeks: 14 days from the date of 50% of the invoice paid and the manuscript landing in my inbox.
  • One Week: 7 days from the date of 50% of the invoice paid and the manuscript landing in my inbox.
  • Long Weekend: Three Days from the date of 50% of the invoice paid and the manuscript landing in my inbox.

Example Pricing Structure

For example, if your manuscript is 80,000 words, the base price would be $150 USD ((80000-5000)*.002).

If you choose to add on the worksheet and expedite it to two weeks (14 days) for the completion time, your total would be $190 USD (((80000-5000)*.002)+30+10).

I work full time and therefore have a set amount of each of my services to offer every month. If my schedule is full for the month you request, I will offer you my next available spot.

I am now booking for Winter 2022! Click on the service you would like to purchase to learn more about it and the pricing structure.

Open availability:
    All of my service prices are in USD. They are subject to change. If you would like your invoice in another currency, please let me know and I will base it on the Google Currency Converter at the time of sale.

    Please note that while I do my best to read manuscripts for inconsistencies and areas of improvement, my services do not guarantee that your manuscript will be published.

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