3 Jan 2020

#Discussion: 2020 Reading Goals

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Last year didn't quite go as planned in terms of reading. I thought I would have more time than I did but so much of my life changed in the second half of the year! This year I want to be more purposeful and intentful with what I read - not just grabbing any book to fill a quota of what needs to be read because I have to reach my goal. 

I've been doing a lot of reflecting on what I want out of my blog and my future life. I want to have fun features and be mindful of the books I read, love, and promote to my audience. In the same breath, I want to monetize in a smarter and more efficient way. I want to make sure the partnerships I'm entering into are beneficial for me, and you as my audience.

Reading Goals

  1. Read 10 books
  2. Read as much diverse fiction as possible
  3. Read more f/f romance novels
  4. Read more poetry
  5. Read more graphic novels and comics

Blogging Goals

  1. Foster paid partnerships to showcase the value of book bloggers
  2. Create two new features that highlight books I adore
  3. Post as often as I feel comfortable with
  4. Expand into other areas of interest for me (video games, podcasts, home design, cooking, etc.)
  5. Be more mindful of who my audience is and what they want to read
And that may change over the course of the year and that's totally okay! I just hope you're willing to come along with me.

What are some of your reading goals this year?

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