27 Apr 2017

Subscription Box #Review: Nerdy Post

I love surprises and subscription boxes so I decided to buy a few different ones and then review them for you guys because why not! So you will get to see a few different subscription box reviews over the next few weeks because they all arrived!

Just so everyone knows, I live in Canada, so the prices and such that I am going to talk about are in Canadian Dollars and shipping times are international from the US to Canada as well. 

Nerdy Post/Nerdy Tees

Where To Buy? 


How Often Does It Come? 

Every Month and each month has a new theme. I bought just the Nerdy Post and the theme for the month was "Disney."


Each Nerdy Post Crate: $13.95USD/month plus shipping
Shipping to Canada is $9.00USD; Shipping to the US is $6.00USD, so it wasn't worth it for me to ship it to the US and then pick it up as it would cost me more money.

Each Nerdy Tees Crate: $15.95USD/month plus shipping
Shipping to Canada is $9.00USD; Shipping to the US is $6.00 USD

Shipping Time?

It ships on the 15th of the month, and I believe mine arrived to my Canadian address within 10 days. 

Ordering Process?

Because Nerdy Post is connected to CrateJoy, the ordering process is really easy. Especially if you use CrateJoy often, then it saves all your information. That means that it is super easy to purchase, cancel, skip a month, etc.

What's Inside?

This month there were so many items. A combination of prints, candles, and a mirror. It had a good mix of things for what everyone might enjoy.

There was something from basically every Disney movie you can think of and it is all wonderfully done. I think my favourite is the print for The Little Mermaid because it has raised lettering and feels super cool. I am really excited to use these items and place them on my bookshelf for decorations.

Was It Worth It?

I think this was interesting because it had cool lettering and prints that I will definitely frame and put on my bookshelves. But it definitely didn't seem like it was worth my money. I could have bought prints of things that I actually wanted for the same price and been happier. It is all beautifully done but I would rather specific items I want rather than taking a chance on things.

What subscription boxes do you get? Are you going to pick up this one?


  1. I really enjoy subscription boxes! And I completely understand the amount of time and work that goes into each box, yet I feel like a lot of them are too pricey for me to be able to get monthly. With NerdyPost, $13.95 is a steal for all the handlettered/trickets you get, but the shipping kind of pushes it over the edge for me, otherwise i'd order every month! This box was super cute! I love all things Disney, definitely wish i would've snagged this one!

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