25 Mar 2016

Updates, Sign-Ups, & Requests! Oh My!

Hi friends! 

As you may or may not have seen, I have a lot of different things happening in and around all three of my blogs over the next couple of months into next year! I have been tweeting about them, but thought it would be easier to just put them all into one fancy-dancy post so that I can share them all at once instead of having my tweets not seen! I have two categories of things, one for Bloggers and one for Authors.


Tomorrow! I will be posting about what the prompts for #AirAwakensApril mean and what you alternatively can do if you haven't read the series yet! So watch for that. I know Elise Kova, the author, will have a post up today about it on her website, including some special stuff that will be happening throughout the month!

As well, I will be posting on Monday a review of all the books I've read for the Penguin Teen on Tour event that I'm going to! I will be periscoping throughout the day, especially once I meet up with the other bloggers that will be there, so make sure you are following me on there!

I still have a giveaway for a finished copy of IN REAL LIFE by Jessica Love that ends on March 31st! So get your entries in before it ends!


My blog is turning one in May and I want to know what you remember about my blog over the past year! You can tell me about things I've said, reviews I've written, books I've recommended, anything at all really so I can include them in my blogoversary post! You can do all that here!

As well, on my blog Books Are My Fandom, Dani and I are looking for people to review books with us! Once a month we video chat and review a recent release and post it to the blog. You can see our full schedule and sign up using this Form!


This blog, Books and Ladders, is turning one in May and I am hosting a giveaway! If you have any extra swag that you would like to donate to me to give away, please contact me either on Twitter or via email at jkramer@booksandladders.ca and I will send you specifics and my address! Thank you in advance!

On Books Are My Fandom, we have opened up sign-ups for 2017's Pro Talks! If you would like to be interviewed by us, please feel free to fill out this Form. You will find all the information you need there about this feature, but if you have any other questions, you can tweet me or email me at hello@booksaremyfandom.com!

Also on Books Are My Fandom, we are looking for 2016 debut authors to feature in 2017! We are starting up a new feature called "Where Are They Now?" which will feature ONLY debut authors from this year to keep them engaged with the book community! You can learn more and sign-up here. If you have any other questions, you can tweet me or email me at hello@booksaremyfandom.com.

Thank you to everyone for making this year so special! I can't wait to share my post with you guys!

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