14 Dec 2015


Hello everyone! I am so lucky to have another awesome guest post on the blog for you guys today! I reviewed the book NIGHTGLORY on the blog a couple weeks ago and the author, Mathew Babaoye, wrote me an amazing guest post about music and its connection to the story! Before we get to that, let's take a look at what the story is about...


Author: Mathew Babaoye
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: November 27, 2015
Purchase: Amazon
Will, Power, and Title 

The wider world is a place of magic and adventure, host to a number of different sentient races which bicker and war and love, all to their own passions. 

But within that wider world are various magical Realms: each metaphysically bordering different geographical locations rich in Power and history, each existing separate from all else, and each ruled by councils, covens, Faen courts, or the law of nature. 

In the Realm called the forest vale by its oldest, immortal residents, but renamed The Night Realm by its nearly mythic usurper Goldenslaughter, Queen of Night, a balance as old as the Realm itself has been long upset, and a reckoning comes for them all, big or small, brave or cowardly, human or Faen, good or evil. 

So prepare for love, loss, adventure, and mayhem, all in a magical land where anything is possible… 

The Night Realm.
Mathew Babaoye is an author living in northern California, reading and writing whatever genre strikes his interest.

Connect with the Author:
Soundtrack of My Second Novel: A Pulse8Music Review
For those of you just tuning in…

I am Mathew Babaoye, author of the hard science fiction novel √úbermensch and the fantasy/fae/myth novel Nightglory.  On October 17th, I published an article titled “Flow” on Girl With Booklungs blog for her “The Write Stuff” editorial section, which detailed my habit of listening to certain bands/albums to get in the mood for writing certain stories. But this time I want to go a little deeper and explore the close relationship between my second novel, Nightglory, and the music which helped keep me on track writing it, which was basically everything on the Pulse8Music Youtube channel.

(Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Youtube is now host to a fantastic range of diverse musical channels, and acts, with Pulse8Music being only one of many that have kept me pumped, in the mood, and writing consistently through the dull days which drag down the middle part of the novel-writing process.).

But anyhoo.

Over the course of writing Nightglory I listened to a number of different Pulese8Music mixes, all of which featured fantastic chillstep music and accompanying art. And what is chillstep music, you might ask? Urban dictionary defines it as “a musical genre composed of dubstep tracks with chill undertones. Low bass, slow beats, add a female's voice to the hook and you've got some chill step. Any talented dubstep artist recognizes chillstep and produces chillstep tracks.” Close enough, if a little under academic and overly familiar in tone. The art, however…

Have you ever been writing a story about something and then saw a landscape that reminded you of your story, or a painting that struck you with a vivid impression of a scene? No? Whatever, I’m moving forward with this anyway. Basically: PulseMusic took my connection to the music that aides in my writing another BIG step forward, by adding art that kept me visually locked into the fantasy Realm I was writing. Specifically their mixes, beginning with Nightfall.

… but let’s back it up to my story first. First chapter of Nightglory: A mysterious woman, bonewhite and beautiful and eerie, with flowing black hair and gown blowing slowly behind her like a wraith, heads out after sunset with an empty silver cage, eventually returning, in the heart of night, to her dark castle upon its dark bluff overlooking the forest vale with a glowing silver cage in her wrapped arms, more mysterious still…

So where’s the musical connection? 

Pulse8Musics “Nightfall” mix, of course! The name of the mix fits the theme/tone of Nightglory’s first chapter perfectly because you are introduced to Goldenslaughter, the Queen of Night, as night falls not just on the forest vale she rules over, but on the reader who will now take a journey into the heart of night with this main character. For the music itself: the song (Jacoo – Withering) which the Nightfall mix begin  with is gorgeous, opening with low notes and the sounds of a heartbeat monitor in near silence, eventually flowing into a soft piano/percussive melody that is aurally beautiful and mysterious, which again is a perfect fit for the first chapter of Nightglory. The background art of the video is sunset behind dark mountains, with motes falling down through the sky via animation, which YET AGAIN fits the first chapter, this time visually. 


But it doesn’t end there ☺

Another chapter: Goldenslaughter is moving through the dark, ancient forest of the vale on her way to its old hoary heart, where live the Fae, amidst glowing splendor. Another Pulse8Music selection: The June 2015 mix. Picture a black youtube video fading into a dark, hazy, mysterious forest view centered by a softly lamp-lit well in the middle… as piano notes begin slowly, along with the faint sound of nightbirds, a childish murmur of delight, and then the melody slowly gains, building gently with flute… until the percussion hits, measured, and you are right there. Perfect! The art fits the scene, and the music fits the mysterious mood as Goldenslaughter journeys towards an uncertain reception among the Fae.

Last one now, I promise. And third times pays for all!

Another chapter: nightfall, on the outskirts of the forest by the Town, all surrounded by dark encircling mountains. Goldenslaughter glides from the trees dark, fading into shadow as she makes her way into Town, where it can be seen that all the steets are dark and empty except for the bright Town Square where a festival, celebrating her godhood, is in full swing. Another Pulse8Music selection: Kristofferson - Heal (Imari Remix). Picture a black youtube video fading into a softly luminous night, a trail leading down from the woods into a bright town, with low dark mountains rising against it… as the music begins with soft energy, chimes against tinkling background, low-key but curious, echoing, then the sound of crickets… and the percussion hits, although the song continues as fluid and smooth as the festive night Goldenslaughter lurks about the edges of, spying on her own people, suspiciously, in their joyous celebration of her.

Each chapter/section has it’s own selection…


I won’t go on chapter by chapter. No one has time for that, right? But suffice it to say that Pulse8Music knows well how to pick great chillstep music AND match it to wonderful fantasy/etc art. Writing Nightglory had its ups and downs, but the music made it all bearable and the art kept me focused visually on the type of world I was intent on creating fully.

Check out Pulse8Music and Nightglory in whatever order you please, then feel free to let me know what you think ☺

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