29 Nov 2015

Guest Post of the Month: There's Things Outside of Blogging?

Guest Post of the Month is a monthly feature brought to you by Emily at Emily Reads Everything. She matched us up with partners to write guest posts on each other's blogs every month! I am so lucky to be matched with Melanie from One Less Lonely Blog who is AWESOME. She has written me (and by extension you guys) a lovely blog post about what she does when she's not blogging. Her answer seems pretty similar to mine (not much. When did blogging take over our lives?) Without further ado, here is her lovely blog post for y'all!
When I say that books are my life, I'm not saying it to seem cool or because is a joke. I say it because, it's true, my life revolves around books. 

 4 Things I Do When I'm Not Blogging.

1. I'm a bookseller!
         I work in a local book store. I love my job. I get to meet other readers and recommend my favorite books. We have a YA book club hosted by Epic Reads where besides the book discussion, we do a Skype session with the author of the featured book. I moderate those reunions and it's my honor to work in such project.

2. I chat with my blogger friends.
          Being a book blogger has its perks. I have come to meet other bloggers who are very close friends now. Some part of my time is spent talking to them mostly about books.

3. I write.
          Writing is my one of my favorite things to do. My dream since I was a little girl was to write stories. Now, though I haven't finished any draft, I am writing a few novels at the same time. It's crazy but I love it and I've mastered the art of not forgetting the ideas that comes to my mind. You'll always see me carrying notebooks to take notes.

4. I got to college.
          Do I?  Yes!  After running away from my real dream of being a writer, I finally accepted that dream and decided to go back to college to study English Literature.

5. The obvious: READ.
          Because I need to have material for my blog, because I can't live without it, because I love it, I read. 

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