20 May 2015

The Glasswrights' Master (Glasswrights #5) by Mindy L. Klasky

The Glasswrights' Master (Glasswrights #5) by Mindy L. Klasky

Goodreads Synopsis
In the conclusion of the Glasswright series, Rani confronts her past- and begins to regret everything she has sacrificed in her quest to become a Glasswright master. Now, she must find the courage to defy those who have manipulated her in order to embrace her true destiny...

Decent ending to a very lacking series. The whole Royal Pilgrim storyline did not end the way I expected and I thought the conclusion of that plot line was mediocre at best. I'm really disappointed with the way Mair's character arc concluded. I think that she could have still been grieving and angry and killed Crestman without her going insane and hurting herself in the process. I feel like we missed out on too much of Crestman's life to understand why he was so hell bent on actually following along with the Fellowship's plans. It seems ludicrous to me that he would blindly follow along with someone who didn't give him the full story -- even going so far as to kill children -- without knowing exactly what happened in the spiderguild. It seemed out of character for him to even want to kill Lar. It was pretty obvious that Rani and Hal were going to get together or else why kill Mareka and all his heirs beforehand. But I am okay with it, to be honest.

Overall: 3/5 stars because it is over and everyone I wanted to get together and/or die has done so.

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