29 Dec 2015

Boxing Day Book Haul! The LAST ONE Until 2017!

Hey guys! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! I know I did and it was nice to relax and spend time with the fam. Boxing Day is the big "sale day" here in Canada so I knew I would have to stock up on books then. And with 50% off in store at BookOutlet, I was READY. 

The store opened up at 9am so I left my house by 7:20, got a Tim's tea, and sat in the parking lot and waited for the doors to open. I lined up outside at about 8:30 and was the third person in line behind two women who said they had done the Boxing Day sale every year for 10 years. I recommended books to other people waiting in line and was checking out the website to see what was in store that I needed to pick up. They opened the door at 8:55am and I grabbed a (broken) cart and headed into the store.

Because of the store's layout, I started with the young adult books. I went right for MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH and then UGLIES and AFTERWORLDS because I knew I needed to get those. I then hopped over to get the Fantasy books for Sarah so that I didn't have to worry about someone else grabbing them. Since they were in the next aisle, I had to maneuver my cart through a throng of people but I held my own. Within two minutes, I had 5 books in my cart.
After 15 minutes I had all these
I then went back to the Young Adult section and starting with the "A" authors, I browsed for anything that caught my eye or that the back of the book looked good. I also grabbed sequels that I was like, "well I have book one so I may as well grab book two even though I haven't read book one." Once I finished going through the Young Adult section twice, I headed over to the Science Fiction/Fantasy section to see what was there. I slowly went through this section seeing if there was any new series I wanted to start and I picked up some good stuff here too. 

After this, I visited the Manga/Graphic Novel section and grabbed SO MANY FABLES GRAPHIC NOVELS. It was awesome, I'm not going to lie. I wanted to grab some more manga but there weren't a whole lot there that I collect so I just grabbed a FAIRY TAIL and two volumes of LITTLE QUEEN. I then went through the audiobook section and picked up THE BANE CHRONICLES because I think these short stories sound better read aloud than reading them on paper (it's a psychological thing but I'm chill with it) and that was it! 
I put them into piles to count and estimate a total
Overall, I bought 39 books, 37 of them for me and my total bill was just shy of $130, making my books $3.33 a piece. Pretty good considering some of them were over $10 to start with! I have been and will be continuing to take pictures of all of them and post them on my instagram, but for now I will be posting a picture of the cover and linking you to the Goodreads page for them! I'm really excited to get to these next year and I'm glad I got as many as I did since I'm not buying anymore books until 2017! 

Which of these books have you read? 

Which ones do you want to read?


  1. I want to read all of the Kelley Armstrong books, also the Bane Chronicles, though I should probably first finish the series, right? The books by Bethany Griffin look interesting, the covers are really pretty.
    Let's be honest here. I want to read all of those books ;) I hope you enjoy all of them! :D

  2. Okay after reading that title: THE LAST ONE UNTIL 2017 WHAT WHAT???? Also, just like I said on Twitter, I SPY MY FAV AUTHOR WOOT WOOT! I definitely want to start reading some manga soon- do you have any recommendations for me?

  3. I am SO JEALOUS that you live near a real Book Outlet. I buy books from them all the time, but I would love to go to the store. You got some awesome books! Happy reading!

  4. Okay, okay. I forgot to comment on this before but I'd like to say, I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY YOU GOT SO MANY BOOKS. I rarely ever get books so I live through other people's book purchases lol. Have fun reading Little Queen. That was a good one!

  5. I hope these books can make you survive until 2017! Hahaha! I've only read An Ember in the Ashes and I really enjoyed it. Happy Reading

  6. I blame laziness for not going to the store as there were so many things not available online (most of which are those adult fantasies that cost me my limbs at full price). Otherwise, awesome haul!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts


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