Clone Three by Patti Larsen

Clone 3 (The Clone Chronicles #1) by Patti Larsen

Goodreads Synopsis
I haven’t a clue who I am. 

Clone Three wakes up in a decaying city she is sure doesn’t match the one she came from. If only she could remember it, that is.

She has a purpose, at least--she must find her fellow clones, and the statue whose image is embedded in her mind. But she is lost, surrounded by a dead and crumbling metropolis, faced with those who have been altered by the illness that has ravaged the world turning survivors into strange, vicious creatures. She must risk everything, including the safety of her only allies, in order to complete the task that has been laid out before her.

But one question plagues her: is she this crumbling world’s salvation… or the source of its downfall?


While I did enjoy this book, there were some parts to it that made me like it less than I probably should have and it all revolved around the characters.

First: LOTS of character introductions. Every other page we were meeting a new character, which is fine because it is a first in the series, but then they would die shortly thereafter? It didn't make sense to me. Why introduce a character only to quickly kill them.

I hated Nico's arc in general and she deserved so much better. I really like Cade and I hate that he was immediately reduced to being "mad" because he is the "villain". Ridiculous. I dislike that sort of trope, especially when you could make him into such a complex character. He is taking care of an "army" of children and he wants to take over the entire storage of food, goods, etc. from the Crawlers so he is obviously mad. It is actually ridiculous. There was so much potential there and it seems to have already been wasted.

Dauphine and Genki were interesting characters until the end. And since Dauphine threw over Genki to help Clone Three in the beginning, it doesn't make sense that she would throw her under the bus to Cade's people in the end. I have to say though, if there is an explanation for it in the next book, it better be a good one.

I liked Clone Three though; she definitely made the book. She was very cool, badass, yet still emotional and empathetic which made her a pretty good lead character. and I am interested to see how the rest of her arc pans out, but I do hope she doesn't have amnesia for the entirety of the next novel as well -- that can only be used to an extent before it gets lame and tacky. I think I have an inkling how the rest of the plot will play out but I am excited to see how it actually pans out over the next two books. 

I liked Poppy and Beckett, especially their dynamic and relationship together. The development of their familial bonds was probably my favourite part of the novel, except maybe the puppies. I am also glad that none of the dogs died. and I will spoil that because people deserve to know.

Overall: 3/5 stars. It was a good story and interesting plot line, but there wasn't much depth to the majority of the characters. Hopefully it picks up speed in the next novel. I am intrigued to read the next in the series, but it is not something I have to do immediately. 

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