Author Services

I am offering paid services to authors to help with their manuscripts via beta reading and synopsis critiques. For more information about both, please see below. All requests should be emailed to me at with the subject line "Author Services: Beta Reading" or "Author Services: Synopsis Critique." 

In this email, please include:
  • Title
  • Series and book number in series
  • Genre(s)
  • Synopsis
  • Page count
  • Word count
  • Warnings for the book, if necessary

Upon approval of your manuscript, I will email you back with a confirmation. At this time, a tentative date of completion will be provided; this will typically be around three to four weeks from receipt of the manuscript, however, depending on demand, timelines may increase. 

Specific completion dates can be done upon request, however rush turnaround time will result in additional charges. However, if I do not think we will be able to finish reading and editing before the end of four weeks, I will email you and give you an updated timeline.

As I am in school, I can only take on two beta reading opportunities per month and five synopsis critiques per month. If my schedule is full for the month you request, I will offer you my next available spot.

I am now booking for Winter 2018 (January - April). 

Beta Reading

What to expect

My beta reading will consist of inline comments alongside a completed questionnaire worksheet that I use for all my beta reading, which you can view here. I will state my suggestions as constructive criticism. You are free to email me about questions or concerns you have about the comments I have made inline and in the worksheet via my email after I have sent you our completed worksheet and the manuscript with the inline comments. We will respond within 12-18 hours, which could vary depending on my availability. I will inform you if there is to be a delay in a response when I send back my comments.

Should you update and revise your manuscript, I may be willing to reread either the entire work or sections that are highly changed. This will be done upon request and may not be able to be fulfilled depending on demand and schedule. To view the cost of this, please see the Prices section of this page.

I will take an in-depth look at:

  • Characterisation, including motivation, story arcs, distinction, etc.
  • Dialogue
  • Pacing
  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Writing craft
  • Overall impression
  • Specific characters and events
  • If there are specific aspects of the novel you wish for me to look at/for, this can be fulfilled upon request. It must be stated in the email to me prior to my acceptance of your manuscript.

What not to expect

I will not revise your manuscript. While I will give you feedback and pointers, I will not rewrite it for you. This service is strictly for the highlighted aspects above, and, therefore, I will not look for any editing and proofreading components.

Accepted Formats

I ask that all books being beta read are sent to me in Word Document format. Please use a standard, legible font in at least size 10, single-spaced.

For beta reading, if the book is part of a series and not the first in said series, I ask that any previous books are provided to us in order to ensure consistency and character development throughout the series. Please note that this will make the timeline for completion longer than normal.

Why Me?

I am an avid reader. I have read over 5000 books in my lifetime, 350 of them last year. I know the types of tropes that are expected, the way readers want to see them play out, and what pitfalls to avoid because I've seen them all. Additionally, I am educated: I have a Master of Arts degree and my Human Resources designation. I know what good writing looks like and can help you polish up the plot holes without changing the essence of the story.


My beta reading services are paid services. The time frames are approximate and depend on the length of the manuscript and our other demands; I will send you your completed manuscript upon completion. I will not charge you for Rush Service fees if I finish your manuscript within a shorter time period and you have not requested Rush Service.

I ask that a deposit of 50% of the total cost is made before I begin the service. Once we have finished the work, we will send you an invoice which must be paid in full before we send the manuscript and any notes back to you. All transactions will be through Paypal. If you are sending from a Paypal account in a different currency, please let me know so I can calculate the fee in that currency. I use Google’s exchange rate calculation at time of transaction.

Fees are subject to change. Please note that my prices are in USD. 

Beta Reading

Should you choose to work with me, the first 5,000 words of the first manuscript that I read and critique is free; thereafter, I charge $0.0015 per word. For example: Your manuscript is 85,000 words, the total cost of the beta read would be $120.00 ([85,000 – 5,000] * 0.0015 = $120). The time frame for completion is 4 weeks (28 days).

Beta Rereading

Once I have completed a full read through of your manuscript, I may on occasion agree to reread either the entire manuscript or a section of the manuscript depending on the extent of the revisions and the demand of my services. 

These rereads would be at a staggered price rate:
  • A full reread (90%+ of the manuscript) would be 80% of the original cost.
  • A reread of between 75%-90% of the manuscript would be 75% of the original cost.
  • A reread of between 50%-75% of the manuscript would be 65% of the original cost.
  • A reread of 25%-50% of the manuscript would be 55% of the original cost.
  • A reread of 15%-25% of the manuscript would be 40% of the original cost.
  • A reread of a single chapter would be a flat rate of £10. (Note: We will only accept a single chapter reread once per manuscript.)
  • Please note: If I notice that you have added a significant number of words since the first read, I reserve the right to reassess the cost.

Rush Service

As noted, my typical turnaround time is four weeks (28 days) upon receiving the manuscript. Rush Service may be fulfilled upon request.  The pricing for this will be as follows:
  • Three days* upon receiving the manuscript: Price per Word + an additional $40
  • One week (7 days) upon receiving the manuscript: Price per Word + an additional $20
  • Two weeks (14 days) upon receiving the manuscript: Price per Word + an additional $10
  • *Please note for the Three Days option I must receive your manuscript by Friday at 10:00 am Eastern Time in order to fulfil this request.

Synopsis Critiques – $30/synopsis

You’ve written the book, and now you have to describe it in 100-200 words. I will help you create the perfect synopsis that excites readers without giving away too much of the plot.

You sends me a detailed outline (preferred) or the manuscript to read so I can make sure the synopsis is an accurate portrayal of the content. I will read the synopsis and make comments, then discuss with you after to further brainstorm ways to improve the synopsis.

With a detailed outline, my turnaround time is 48-60 hours; with a full manuscript, my turnaround time is two weeks (14 days). If you require me to read your full manuscript and a quicker turnaround date, please note that this will be an additional charge based on the amount of time that you require me to turn it around in.

Any subsequent rereads of the synopsis will cost $10/reread after my initial comments and discussion with you, the author.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

I hope that everyone will enjoy my services, but in the event that you are not satisfied with my service, you are free to cancel at any point while I am reading. You will be charged only for what I have completed thus far. I ask that you contact me with your concerns first so that we may discuss a way to make this a rewarding process for everyone involved.

While reading, should I feel I will not be able to give an unbiased opinion on a piece of work because I am not enjoying the story process, I will email you immediately, and you will only be charged for the pages I have read and critiqued.