Fictitious Fridays (1): Favourite Fictional Creature

Fictitious Fridays (1) - Friday, May 8, 2015 
Favourite Fictional Creature

While I like to think they are real because there is so much lore and mythology surrounding them, I have to keep reminding myself that dragons aren't real. However, they are my favourite fictional creature and will remain so until science can prove that they are real.

My obsession with dragons started with reading (well actually being read) The Hobbit when I was a youngster. I loved Smaug and was sad that he was killed. I didn't even want the Hobbits to win if it meant Smaug could. And thus started my love for dragons.

When I started reading the Harry Potter series, I felt an immediate connection to Hagrid. All he wanted was a pet dragon and he nursed and cared for his pet dragon so well. I personally thought he should be able to keep Norbert, but that is neither here nor there. Then in Goblet of Fire, Harry had to try to outwit a dragon. I think Fred and George summed it up perfectly in the movie when they started to cheer for the dragon when it crushed the stands. I was secretly hoping that part of that task would be for the wizards to have to raise their own dragons just so I could see more of them.

I did read Eragon and I did enjoy it but that is too obviously about dragons that I don't feel the need to express my love for Saphira and all her wondrous moments. Even though I do love her. 

At this point, I started to specifically seek out series that have dragons in them. 
Just like A Song of Ice and Fire. I wanted to become a Targaryen just to be given a dragon egg at birth and hope that my blood was strong enough to have it hatch. Daenerys' dragons are by far my favourite characters in that series (other than Sansa) and the only reason I picked up ASOIAF was because there was the promise of dragons. My favourite dragon of Dany's is Rhaegal because he is named after my favourite dead character in the series Rhaegar Targaryen. But Drogon is a close second. I do hope there is an ice dragon because that would be awesome!!!

I do have Seraphina on my to be read shelf and I know there are a lot of other dragon novels out there that I just haven't gotten to yet. I do seek out dragons more than anything when I am choosing a novel, but it is always nice when there is a hint of magic to go along with it. If you can recommend any to me, please do so!

So ... what are your favourite fictional creatures? Are you like me and actively seek out these creatures when you are reading or do you just hope for the best? Sound off in the comments!

Lots of love and happy reading! xx

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  1. Wow! I think I'm falling in love with dragons after reading this post as well! They ARE fantastic creatures! I did read a series a few years back about dragons which I loved 'Firelight Series' by Sophie Jordan. Have you read them? Also I love the dragon from Merlin - the TV show! He's very wise! :D


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